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7 facts about weight loss

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If you’re losing weight, then you will want to know about losing weight as much as possible, to learn the process from the inside. These seven fun facts that will be interesting for those who have ever tried to lose weight.


The process of weight loss carries if the person loses weight, he will be interested in all the facts about losing weight. The volume of your knowledge about getting rid of excess weight will have much effect on the success of weight loss. Seven is a fascinating and amazing facts about weight loss.

What happens to the fat?

If you ever lose weight, then you probably thought, what’s going on with fat from your body, where does it go? This is an interesting question and the answer will be even more interesting. Most of the fat that you lose, are converted into carbon dioxide, this fate awaits approximately 85% of the tissues. Thus, most of your fat is converted into carbon dioxide, this CO2 is constantly around you, you breathe in what used to be your fat.

Hunger makes people fatter

A paradox, but it is, when fasting, people do not lose weight, and become thicker. The fact that in starvation the body storing fat as a reserve for continued existence. That is why losing weight a person should not experience feelings of hunger, to choose for your diet legumes, vegetables and fruits in order to maintain a long satiety. There is also the psychological aspect, in the fasted state, a person can not behave adequately – he buys the junk food in the shops, when the availability of food always eats too much.

Lack of sleep reduces the chances of losing weight

It often happens that people eat right, lead an active lifestyle, exercise but can’t lose weight. They often miss this important aspect, as the quantity and quality of sleep. Lack of sleep changes the hormonal balance, that losing weight becomes impossible. The imbalance affects the hormones of hunger and satiety, ghrelin becomes more what increases hunger, leptin – less, that allows you to feel satiation from eating.

If you want to lose weight, include in your regime not only exercise and nutrition, but also healthy sleep.
Fun fact about the lemonade

Studies and surveys have shown that people who keep house lemonade and other sweet drinks, are more likely to suffer from overweight and obesity than those who do not keep soft drinks at home. The conclusion is simple – the house losing weight people should work a ban on soft drinks, they do not need to buy and bring, even if it is for guests or for the holidays.

Meal and social activity

Studies have shown that people eat much more than alone, hence the conclusion – to lose weight need to eat alone. Talking during a meal, people get distracted and eat about 35% more. While eating one should concentrate only on food, this is a universal rule for all who lose weight.

Most diets result in failure

Diet is a good step in the direction of losing weight, the bad news is that most diets result in failure, this happens in about 97% of cases. More stringent diet are the most disastrous, so it is better to prefer more gentle techniques for weight loss.

People spend a huge amount on diet

Experiments with different diets require a large financial investment, often these waste in vain. Most of the excess expenses spent on the purchase of advertised products, good advertising makes the invisible fact of dubious effectiveness. Thus, it is not the diet work for us, and we are working on dieting.

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