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7 chips of legs workout professional bodybuilding

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7 chips of legs workout professional bodybuilding

The Deposit is symmetrically pumped up body – beautiful and powerful legs. Properly inflate it with the help of proven methodologies, which includes not only the modified sit-UPS for the development of the calf muscles, but a well-chosen cardio. All of these tricks are time-tested and have amazing result.

First – use the orbitrek

The effect on the muscles of the legs with time spent on the elliptical, could be compared only walking on the stairs. This is a great way to work on the terrain and at the same time to warm up. A ten-minute workout will help to work the quads, calves, hamstrings and buttocks. The main thing – that hands are not involved in the process and had to lie on the stand in the rest. A great effect will give rise to the socks, with subsequent pressing of pedals and voltage of the external part of the thigh. This is real fitness for men – powerful and effective.

Second – replace the usual squats on the Smith machine

Exercises “Smith” almost do not affect the gluteal muscles, with an emphasis on hip circumference. The best way to deepen a relief to find.

Third – that’s right squat with barbell on shoulders

To work not included the aforementioned gluteus Maximus, squat no deeper than 90 degrees. Back hold exactly, kroglice it is unhealthy. Use a set of classic sit-UPS once a week, focusing on strength and number of repetitions.

Fourth – develop calf

Calves are the most resilient muscle group in the body, except the heart. They can download not only daily, but several times a day. Such a small thing can play in your favor on the speeches, when the judges will start looking for something to complain about. The beauty of calves is easiest to achieve with lifting on socks.

Fifth – go through the steps

Walking up the stairs can safely assume that the power cardio. This is an intensive form of fitness affecting hip circumference, quadriceps, biceps and calf. If access to a special trainer is not, it successfully replaced up ordinary stairs in blocks of flats.

Sixth – add in three sets

Three set includes one approach for the three different exercises without a break. After a short rest, the set must be repeated. It is useful to perform such a complex time in one to two weeks, as it helps to draw the terrain. A good combination – SAC-a squat, squatting with a barbell and leg press. You have to keep in each set was at least twenty repetitions.

Seventh – do a few reps

Mnogoobraznye approaches help make the most in the gym. Flexion, extension, and raising the legs, you can perform one approach, which includes from forty to sixty reps.

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