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6 tips on how to quickly get rid of the fat on the hands

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Body fat not only appear on stomach and thighs, the fat on the hands as unpleasant as the body. To hands were slim and toned, start to follow these recommendations.

The extra weight upsets the fat on the hands just as unpleasant as a fat stomach and thighs. You will be surprised, but even after successful weight loss hands can stay soft. The fact is that getting rid of fat on hand to jog or pedal a bike is not enough. The objective of cardio workout is burning calories, transforming fat in spent energy. For the formation of the silhouette of the hands need training of a different nature.

To bring hands in order to tone and build muscle, reinforcing the result in an appropriate diet. If you have an urgent question how to remove fat from arms, follow these recommendations.

Watch the food

This is the first thing you should pay attention. Nutrition is not just a certain number of calories consumed, it is important not only the quantity but also the quality of the food. In order to tone muscles, you need to provide them with plenty of lean protein, vitamins of fresh vegetables, and also stable energy from slow carbohydrates – whole grain foods.

From processed foods and sugary drinks should be avoided, not only in their high caloric content, they have a lot of sodium and sugar.
Eat more protein

The appearance of the hand depends on the condition of the muscles, so slimming in the hands of the need to eat a lot of protein. Protein rich foods build the right metabolism and they boost fat burning and give the muscles the amino acids to build new tissues. The best sources of protein at all times was considered a white meat chicken and Turkey, fish and dairy products, in this situation it is better to choose low-fat.

Don’t give up on cardio

Despite the fact that cardio will not help remove fat from the arms, exercises such plan should remain in your program. Choose those exercises that will involve hands – not running, and Boxing, not Cycling, and swimming. Take cardio for 15-30 minutes, this is enough for burning calories and cardiovascular system.

Plug resistance exercise

If your goal is not to swing hands and to remove fat from the arms, it is possible to do without the power loads. You know, focus on bodyweight exercises that involve the hands, this is the pushups and pullups on the bar in different variations. Start to do push-UPS from knees, when the arms will get stronger and used to the workload, go for the classic push-UPS, then try the complicated version of the exercise. The same applies to pull-UPS, start to move up on low bar, so your legs are off the ground.

There is a good exercise to allow the muscles to tone, it is called the scissors. For its implementation need to stretch your hands in front of you at shoulder level palms down, raise arms out to the side, twisting the palm up, then cross my arms in front of you, turning palm down. This hand exercise seems simple, but to keep hands in the air for a long time will be very difficult. Do the scissors exercise for as long as I can.

Do some yoga

Practice yoga twice a week would be an effective way to lose fat in your arms, as their task is not in burning calories and fat, and in the formation of the toned body. yoga makes the muscles more elastic, the body comes to tone and takes on a slender shape.

Do not overload yourself

No need to start doing all these exercises in one day, the overvoltage will bring muscle pain and put in mind to abandon training. Start training slowly, let yourself get used to the new schedule, increase the load on the extent of physical necessity rather than ambition.

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