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6 side effects fitness workouts

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6 side effects fitness workouts
The contents

  • Muscle twitching: what is this symptom?
  • The urge to defecate during physical activity
  • Dizziness and nausea during fitness
  • Cramp and numbness in the toes
  • Side pain: how to prevent its occurrence?
  • And soreness is all about the syndrome of delayed muscle pain

Sport is life, and lifted a slim figure, perfect health and perfect mood. It is because of this many people go to the gym, but in the pursuit of the perfect body, face a lot of unpleasant symptoms that worsen overall health. What you need to be ready, going to the gym?

Muscle twitching: what is this symptom?

Despite its widespread prevalence, causes of muscle spasms is not fully understood. Many athletes are faced with spasms of skeletal muscles after physical exertion. This is especially true for single, multi-layered muscles, e.g., triceps, hamstrings. Usually associated with pain, stiffness and stress symptoms are observed within 8 hours after exercise and then disappear. It is believed that such spasms can occur as a result of electrolyte imbalance and fatigue, so experts advise to take to practice water and drink in small SIPS to replenish fluid loss. Do not ignore the warm-up and hitch after fitness.

The urge to defecate during physical activity

There is even such a thing as “runner’s diarrhea”. Any particular reasons for the acceleration of the movement of feces in the intestine not. Scientists believe that this process is under the influence of many different factors — reducing blood flow to the intestines, changes in hormone secretion, anxiety and stress before class, especially before a competition, when it comes to professional athletes. The more energy an athlete spends in the classroom, the higher the likelihood of urge to defecate. Those who do not want to stop training for a hike in the toilet, should more carefully approach the selection of food in a day. It is better not to lean on fat and rich in fiber foods, especially 2 hours before going to the gym.

Dizziness and nausea during fitness

These symptoms are often experienced runners and engaged in active sports. Jumps in blood pressure occur due to sudden changes in body position from a prone position to a standing position, causing the blood that flows, pours from the brain for motion compensation. If she doesn’t keep up with the change of position of the body, dizziness occurs. This is especially true for hypotensive patients who have in a relaxed condition the blood moves through the vessels with less than necessary speed. They show not every exercise. It is better to opt for exercises that are performed at a continuous pace yoga or Pilates.

As for nausea, it can be caused from a trivial jolt of the internal organs. So as not to provoke vomiting better try not to eat before going to the gym. Also, not to use in this day a lot of fiber. But on an empty stomach fitness is unacceptable. If you are not able to eat 1-1. 5 hours before workout, take in the gym a couple of chocolates and prepare any sweet drink like juice or compote.

Cramp and numbness in the toes

Toes can go numb and swell due to tight shoes, the heat emitted by the muscles and even inflammation of the nerves. If you often be concerned about such symptoms, it is recommended to pay attention to your shoes. Does it meet the demands placed on it whether to engage in this particular sport. Many sports stores offer to test the selected pair to assess the degree of convenience and comfort special equipment. Don’t ignore this service if you want to keep the health of their feet.

As for seizures, it is more typical for swimmers and lovers of water aerobics, aquacycling, etc., When a sudden severe pain just pull back on the foot by the big toe, and the cramp will pass. To get rid of the discomfort and help the old fashioned way — a pinprick. All dealing with water sports not be amiss to have her with me, jokes to trunks or swimsuit.

Side pain: how to prevent its occurrence?

The characteristic and unpleasant tingling in his side is familiar to all from childhood. Costs a little to accelerate during the run, increase the pace and intensity of exercise, as there is an unpleasant feeling, to get rid of it is possible only under condition of reduction of motor activity, or complete cessation of classes. Intermittent abdominal pain depends on the type of physical activity, that is, it may appear like a jogger and basketball player, but the level of training of the athlete can affect the frequency of its occurrence.

If physical activity is quite strong, and proceeds to the athlete without prior warm-up, then with high probability it will have pain in the side. Blood-engorged liver and spleen pushing its own shell, causing unpleasant symptoms. To reduce the risk of their occurrence can be, if you follow your own breath during fitness and increase the intensity gradually.

And soreness is all about the syndrome of delayed muscle pain

If all of the above symptoms have left you out, then with delayed onset muscle soreness sooner or later faces every athlete, but sooner rather than later. It often happens that those who came to the gym beginners tend to try out everything at once and make up for lost time when physical activity tends to zero. Fitness after a long break, especially if the person trains with high intensity, fraught with trauma, and accumulation of muscle metabolic products that cause the appearance of delayed onset muscle soreness. The degree of discomfort can vary from mild pain and aches in the muscles to quite severe weakness and fatigue. “Broken sticks” — so characterize its state personimages in the gym.

In this case, it only remains to wait for the unpleasant symptoms will pass by themselves, while massage and abundant fluid intake can slightly ease the condition. In the future, it is better to avoid such developments and to train in accordance with their physical training, gradually accustom your body to physical activity. Having excess weight and any chronic diseases it is better to do under the guidance of an experienced coach, and still not be amiss to consult with your doctor.

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