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6 scientific ways to lose weight

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On the topic of weight loss developed a lot of recommendations, but not each of them can be trusted, some techniques are clearly dangerous. These methods of weight loss have been confirmed and approved by science.


It seems everyone has something to say about weight loss. Your friends can tell you how lost protein diets, fasting, raw food and other non-standard methods, some of these techniques are frankly dangerous. If the diet helped your friend, it does not mean that it will help you. There is no universal diets, but there are universal recommendations for weight loss, backed by science.

More sleep

You’re one of those who say that sleep is for wimps? You work in the afternoon and evening, often sacrificing sleep for the sake of closing a project or report? It sounds good for employers but not for your figure. Sleep is important for many reasons, one of them is maintaining a healthy body weight. The less you sleep the less energy your body, it will slow down metabolism in order to survive. When slowing down metabolism weight loss is impossible, the extra pounds become more. This lack of energy contributes to the worsening of the appetite, this excess weight becomes even more.

If you want to lose weight, you need more sleep.
Don’t do so much cardio

Many people believe that to lose weight is only through cardio, they think that the more cardio the faster the weight loss. Use only cardio is not the best way to lose weight, so reduce the amount of cardio in the training program and add some work with weights. Weight lifting helps build muscle mass, the metabolic rate becomes higher, a result burns more fat. Do not have to enroll into the room, enough to add to the usual run of several approaches push-UPS and sit-UPS.

Eating nuts and yogurt

Studies of the influence of food on slimming has revealed two of our most valuable product is the yogurt and nuts. Nuts are rich in healthy fats and fiber, they support the feeling of satiety, that is, protect from overeating. Yogurt contains useful bacteria, they establish digestion and give good health.

Don’t be taken in a smoothie

No one is saying that all the smoothies and cocktails are bad, but they often send slimming down the wrong path. Smoothies associated with something useful and diet, in fact it can be a lot of calories. If you love smoothies, then don’t give up on them, but keep the volume and caloric content of portions were within the normal range.

Change training regime

If you do not see results from training, although I work very hard, so it’s time to change the mode. Any program in the beginning will be the most effective then the body gets used to it, and the efficiency falls. Try different exercises, surprises your body, don’t let him adapt.

Eat more fiber

Why science insists on the importance of dietary fiber for weight loss? Because the fiber meets all the goals and objectives of the process of losing weight, but most people are not getting it in sufficient quantity. Fiber is the source of your satiety, it will not allow to get hungry ahead of time, and also slows the absorption of sugars from food into the blood. Vegetables, grains, nuts, apples, avocados and other sources of fiber is needed for weight loss products.

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