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6 rules of hygiene in the fitness club

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It is finished! You have finally become an active user of the fitness club and an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle, but is there any guarantee that you will not give up what you started? And it's not even about missing motivation or banal laziness. Forcing you to give up training can be the rules of hygiene, or rather their failure to comply. What are the principles of hygiene in the gym is better not to violate, so that it does not result in illnesses, injuries and other unpleasant consequences?

Keep the sportswear clean.

Maybe you just didn’t plan a training session for this day and forgot to wash your sports uniform, but be that as it may, donning stale clothes to the gym is unhygienic and unethical. And even if it seems to you that there is no unpleasant smell of sweat, this does not mean that others do not hear it. But this is not the case, but the fact that dense synthetic fabrics, which fit the body, of which they mostly sew sportswear, collect sweat and moisture and sebum secreted by the skin more than cotton, becoming a breeding ground for the development of bacteria and fungi. The latter can cause irritation, redness on the skin and other unpleasant health problems, so it is better to wash things after each visit to the fitness center.

Wear rubber shoes to the fitness club

Wear rubber shoes to the fitness club

As a rule, a person tiptoeing into a shower evokes pity and bewilderment. It seems like he understands that walking barefoot in public places means playing with fire, but such a bad luck – I forgot my rubber shoes at home. Yes, employees of swimming pools and sports clubs regularly disinfect showers, but no one will do the processing after each visitor, and in conditions of heat and high humidity the microscopic spores of the fungus can exist for a long time, representing a danger to people. Therefore, it is better not to forget rubber slippers at home and use them both in the shower room and in the dressing room, so as not to touch the floor barefoot at all. Borrowing shoes from someone is not a good idea either. They can pose no less danger in terms of infection.

Buy a personal mat for sports

Not only yoga followers should have their own personal mat for performing asanas. It is useful to all athletes, without exception, and it does not matter whether you are pumping out muscles in the gym or doing group fitness. There are exercises that do all without exception, for example, the "bar". The skin of your face will not thank you when you put your nose into the mat after hard work, because before you other athletes fell on it, got up with their feet in the shoes and without it. And even if this device has a front side, in fact, this piece of rubber is twisted as it pleases. In order not to treat the infection picked up in the hall later, it is better to carry a rug with you, or at least cover the shell offered by the fitness club with a towel.

Cleansing before and after exercise

It would seem that elementary rules of hygiene are tacit and understandable for everyone, but even here some have their own vision, as it should be. For obvious reasons, all visitors to the pool are advised to take a shower before putting on a swimsuit. But it is also better for those practicing on land to follow their example and wash off dirt and sweat from the body, remove the remnants of antiperspirant and get rid of the unpleasant smell that is inevitable by the end of the working day. Experts do not advise you to do a bright and dense makeup before fitness, and if it was done at the beginning of the day, it is better to wash it off with water. The skin must breathe, otherwise the case will end up with clogged pores and rashes.

In addition, this rule of hygiene has a lot of other advantages. Some experts argue that a pre-workout shower improves results. The truth for this is necessary to wash in cool water. It cools the body, thus postponing the period of occurrence of heat stress, after which the athlete feels tired and reduced performance. Shower after exercise is also a mandatory part of the class. It is necessary not only from the point of view of hygiene, but also prevention of infections, because if a person is accidentally scratched in the hall or gets a deeper abrasion, inflammation, suppuration and other unpleasant consequences may develop. In addition, water helps the muscles recover and reduces strength.

Use gloves when doing exercises

Use gloves when doing exercises

Many people neglect this accessory for fitness, but in vain. Gloves are not only stylish and beautiful. This is a guarantee of your safety, because the more actively an athlete does, the more his hands sweat, which means grip on the bar, dumbbells and parts of the simulators decrease, which increases the risk of injury. But even if the latter is avoided, the athlete runs the risk of facing another problem – calluses. Broken blisters after contact with the neck and handles, serving as a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and pathogens, ways to deliver a lot of painful minutes and more serious problems if the infection penetrates the blood. Therefore, such exercises as squats with a barbell, press from a prone position is best performed with gloves and do not forget to wash them.

What rules of hygiene should be followed more?

Many athletes take a bottle of water and a towel to the gym. We should take an example from them, because in the process of training the body actively loses moisture and it is necessary to fill its deficit. However, a container with water also collects dangerous microorganisms on itself, which means that it should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time. The towel can help brush away sweat from your face, and you can also lay it on the simulator before you begin the exercises. It will act as a barrier between other people's secretions and their own skin, thus protecting against possible infection.

Headphones are subject to regular care and disinfection if you are engaged in fitness to the accompaniment of your favorite music. The thing is that they also accumulate sweat and earwax, which can cause all sorts of inflammation. Purity of a sports bag is a guarantee of health and well-being. Rubber slippers are best kept in a separate bag, like sneakers. For towels, highlight your compartment so that hygiene items do not mix with things. By the way, pool lovers should choose a bag with plastic pockets in which it is convenient to fold a wet swimsuit or swimming trunks. This way the bag and all other things will remain dry and clean.

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