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6 reasons why weight loss stood

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Effect plateau with weight loss is faced by virtually all who are trying to lose weight. Why weight loss stops? How to do so, to continue to lose weight?

In the struggle with excess weight do not always get to be the winner. In the beginning you do, the kilos begin to melt, but at some point the process slows down or even stops. This phenomenon is called the plateau effect, it is unpleasant, but natural. The most difficult to lose the last extra pounds.

With weight loss always happens slower metabolism, and it’s not the only reason for the plateau. Usually weight loss slows down on these six reasons, each time you need to take action.

You’re not attentive to his diet

In order to start losing weight, do not need to count calories, is only a little limit yourself to food, and the slimming process will be started. But to lose the last extra pounds is more difficult, you need to carefully monitor their diet. For example, a pair of innocuous tablespoons of peanut oil contains 120 extra calories-a whopping 840 calories per week. If you ceased to lose weight, you need to review the volumes of portions, weigh each before food to be aware of the caloric content.

You justify overeating sports

If you reward yourself for a workout-calorie food, the amount of received calories will always be more than the amount spent. If once a week, exceptionally, allow yourself a treat at 500 calories, no sport will help to compensate, because in a month will gain more than 6,000 extra calories. If and to afford a gastronomic reward once a week, it should fit into the daily caloric intake should not exceed 10% of the daily calorie intake.

You think you’re more active than it actually is

When you begin to exercise and move more, you feel like you’re wasting a lot of calories. You overestimate yourself, and your feelings are very subjective. So if you leave a lot of strength training and then back home to lay on the couch and lie on it until the end of the evening, the sport will not bring the expected result. You need to use every opportunity to be active – to walk, to climb stairs, to go to the store on foot, to do the cleaning.

Everyday activity will allow you to lose a lot of calories, but it will support the metabolism, i.e. increase the efficiency of sports and nutrition.
You are not matched before training

If you do not eat before exercise, after it increased appetite forced to eat too much and gain more calories than spent. It is believed that training on an empty stomach help to spend more calories, but the authors of this statement do not take into account the subsequent compensation of energy costs. Apple, handful of almonds or a protein bar eaten before exercise will help control your appetite after it.

You are not consistent in the sport

Consistency in work is of high significance for weight loss. Training should be conducted for a particular program, to combine different types of loads. On average every 4-6 weeks, the program needs to change, we need to connect a new exercise and increase the level of activity.

You don’t recover properly

You will not be able to continue to reduce weight if your body is ready for new loads. The lack of recovery prevents to build muscles and brings unpleasant condition – weakness, apathy, pain in the muscles. To practice in this state is impossible and highly undesirable, exercise can cause injury.

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