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6 healthy habits make you fat

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People tend to acquire healthy habits in order to lose weight and improve health, but often in practice get the opposite effect. These habits are forced to gain weight.

All of the strategies weight loss is very subjective, for one person the technique will work, the other will not help, and the third will lead to the opposite effect. Understanding healthy lifestyle is composed of several theses proper nutrition, healthy sleep and physical activity. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle, people need to lose weight and become more healthy. But in practice some useful habits that lead to weight loss, and weight gain.

Cuts in volume portions

If slightly reduce the volume of portions, that is, caloric intake, the person will begin to lose weight. But if hard to reduce the amount eaten, then the response body will be an increase in the level of the hormone ghrelin. This hunger hormone, which makes us constantly hungry and enters into a state of stress. Prolonged fasting leads to overeating, it is inevitable, so instead of a sharp decline in caloric intake should reconsider its content. The best nutrition strategy is filling the plates of 50% fresh vegetables, 25% protein foods and 25% foods with high protein content.

Preference to low fat products

Choosing low-fat products, people are betting on lower calorie content. In fact, low fat foods high-calorie and harmful whole. Fats give foods flavor and make them more satisfying, removing the fat from products, the manufacturer compensates for his lack of more harmful ingredients – sugars, chemical additives and chemicals.

The only fats that really should avoid is TRANS fats, healthy fats from natural products essential to human health.
The use of energy products and sports drinks

Such energy supplements should only at very high levels of physical activity, for example, for intense exercise that lasts more than one and a half hours, or for a marathon. If you don’t face such stress, energy bars, cocktails and other drinks turn into extra calories and weight gain.

Cardio every day

Cardio exercises help to get rid of body fat, but their daily conduct will not lead to a slim body, and depletion of health. For weight loss need to combine cardio with strength, it is necessary to build muscles. Muscle have high metabolic activity, they burn a lot of calories even when the body is at rest.

The substitution of sugar by sweeteners

The idea of reducing consumption of refined sugar will be useful, but only if you do not replace sugar with sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners do slightly reduce caloric intake, but they increase sugar cravings and increase the likelihood of developing diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2 diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels.

Selection of gluten free products

The popularity of gluten free diets make you believe in their effectiveness, but this information is exaggerated. If the person is not suffering from a congenital gluten intolerance, the abandonment will benefit both it and the consumption of gluten causes harm. It makes sense to abandon processed food, minimally processed products with gluten, for example, brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa, create a feeling of satiety, while not contain fats and sugars.

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