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6 fitness tips from people living sports

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6 fitness tips from people living sports
The contents

  • Test fitness
  • Change the appearance and type of physical activity
  • Prepare your muscles to load
  • Trust yourself when you exercise
  • Look for motivation
  • Give yourself a rest

In the world there are many creative coaches, brilliant athletes and ordinary people who have achieved great heights in the sport. Them the fitness tips can be useful for those who just stepped on the path of improving your body, and those who have already achieved something, but looking for a way to improve the existing result. What recommendations can they give their fans and followers?

Test fitness

All kinds of test and measurement in sports allow you to solve a variety of tasks and manage the preparation of athletes. Rob MacDonald is the General Manager of the sports club in salt lake city advises everyone to learn the parameters of their sports skills, take into account the peculiarities of physiological development and monitor sports performance. Like all living things on the planet, man and his body is a complex mechanism, the work and functions of which depend on many factors. It is important to know how these factors affect strength, endurance, athletic achievements, etc.

Therefore, it is important to conduct fitness testing and different to do this systematically to be able to compare the figures obtained at different stages of training and depending on this change exercise, schedule workouts and their duration. Of course, such measurements should only be performed by competent and experienced people for special devices and equipment, but if this is not possible, you should not neglect personal control over their health. And will the special devices trackers and smart watches that measure heart rate and blood pressure, level of hydration etc.

Change the appearance and type of physical activity

It is no secret that the muscles gradually get used to one type of equipment or the same exercises, stopping to respond to growth and change of the bump. Therefore, it is important that physical activity has varied from time to time, modified its character and strength. If you performed the squat without weight or with a blank fretboard, you should try to do it with weights or change to the simulator is established to perform the leg press in a vertical position. Just as is the case with other pumping muscles. Alvin Cosgrove – owner of the club in Santa CLARITA just obsessed with new techniques of fitness training and is actively implementing new developments in this field in their studies and pursuits of their customers.

What gives? This always leads to improved results. Even such a common exercise as a “farmer’s Walk” with two dumbbells, you can easily improve, if you take a dumbbell only in one hand. The shift of gravity in one direction increases the load and allows faster and better to work on core muscles.

Prepare your muscles to load

According to Artemis of Skatalites – trainer gym in Boston, a major mistake of most beginners is excessive passion and confidence. Rushing to the pool with his head, they overestimate their capabilities and take the weight they just cannot. The consequences of such arrogance? Injuries, excessive delayed onset muscle soreness and, as a consequence, a complete aversion to sports as such. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will never be able the first time to raise the barbell weighing 100 kg, as such even seasoned fitness enthusiasts are preparing themselves for months and even years.

So main rule – reasonable load at the start and careful preparation of the muscles to the load. If you are going to perform a pull-up, first a little and we can hang out at the bar with intense pressure. Then you can try to do the same and bent at right angles to the arms. When you can master three sets of 30 seconds with a clear conscience, begin to perform normal pull-UPS.

Trust yourself when you exercise

The main advice given by all trainers, including the founder of his club in Los Angeles, Jason Welch, is to listen to your body. Exercises, whether it be bench press or working out with weights, you need to think about working the muscles, not only physically but also mentally feeling the load, concentrating on her and trusting your instincts. Yes, technique is incredible important, it affects a large part of the success, but if the athlete feels that for greater efficiency he needs to expand outside of the foot when performing squats, so it’s exactly what they do and have.

Measuring muscle stimulation technique of electromyography, the coach has found large differences in the results that get athletes after performing the same exercises. Customers recognized him I just feel that the body is able to maximum benefit and how to perform. Therefore, credibility is the main key to success.

Look for motivation

What fitness you are stopped without proper motivation they won’t stay in your life for a long time. “Seek what you will inspire and encourage you to move forward,” says the gym instructor Robert Pandilla. If you don’t find time for self-studies or just be lazy, practice in the group. There are many specialised studios, where I do yoga, Pilates, aerobics, step, etc. the benefits of such activities, where each targeted result, and maybe something to help, give advice, and just to be safe.

Analyze in what conditions and under what circumstances physical activity brings you the greatest benefit and the greatest pleasure. If you purchased the treadmill, but when you practice at home all the time what is distracting, it makes sense to go for a run outside, where you can also find a nice company and won’t want to miss training.

Give yourself a rest

The constant race for the result, exercise on a limit of forces and possibilities can simply Deplete the athlete. The owner of a fitness club in Los Angeles Peter Park believes that three intense workouts a week is enough to keep yourself in good physical shape. The muscles must be allowed to relax and therefore need to schedule and take every day to work with a specific group of muscles. As for pace and effort, here operates one main rule: the easier the exercise, the less force spends on their performance, the athlete, the longer it needs to train, gradually increasing the number of sets and repetitions.

The higher the load and the weight, the shorter should be the approach and longer rest in between. In General, these recommendations can be adopted when building the body of your dreams, but it is better to train under the guidance of an experienced coach and to consult with your doctor.

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