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6 facts that prove that sex has a positive effect on health

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Fact # 1: sex good for heart

Taiwanese scientists came to the conclusion that sex reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart problems and blood vessels. But this only applies to men. Although for women sex is a good exercise of the heart.

Fact # 2: sex helps cope with stress

With this fact, no one argues. After all, you probably noticed that after sex life starts to play with new colors.

Fact # 3: sex strengthens the immune system

Swiss scientists have proved that after orgasm the body in half increases the number of phagocytes, which recognise infected with various viruses cells. Get inside and kill them. Thereby the immune system gets stronger.

Fact # 4: people who have sex feel better

Good mood, stress is higher, and generally live (after sex) is getting better and more fun.

Fact # 5: sex prolongs life

If you combine all the points above, this fact becomes apparent!

Fact # 6: sex helps you sleep

Sex is the best sedative that helps you relax.

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