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6 exercises for a perfect figure, which are executed in bed

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fitness expert and founder of the brand Rakamakafit: “each of us, there are times when going to the gym no desire to. The storm outside the window, problems with transport, ending a subscription or just lack of mood. In those days, instead of vpachivani in the gym I want to lie in a cozy bed and watching soap operas. Here it was great both to relax and to build the figure of your dreams! It turns out that it is possible. Below are a set of exercises that is easy to carry out, getting out of bed. Make yourself comfortable, turn on your favorite movie and combine the pleasant with the useful. And to “bed exercise” was the most effective, use of fitness bands, which help to regulate the body.”

Leg lift up from the “lying on side”

Simple, but effective exercise for the muscles of the legs and buttocks. The right way to get rid of problem areas “breeches”. Lie down on your side and stretch your legs. One hand to put the support on the elbow, the second put on the upper thigh. The entire body must be in the same plane. Gum should be in the middle of the calf. On the exhale, with force, raise the top leg as high as possible, while straining buttocks, and on the inhale come back to its original position. Try to do max without jerks, feeling the muscle work.

Reps: 20 (each leg).
Approach: 3.


A well known exercise for slim legs and a toned flat stomach. Lie on your back, raise your upper torso and lean on elbows. Move the rubber band so that it was in the middle of the foot. Pull both knees to your chest. From this position, alternately straighten the legs. Straight leg hold the weight above the bed for a few seconds, then change. The use of resistance bands for this exercise will additionally provide the load on the front and back of her legs. And more to “burn through” the press, lock your palms behind your head and raise your shoulders so that they were on weight. Hold the feeling of a busy press during the footwork.

Reps: 20 (each leg).
Approach: 2-3.

Raising the legs to the sides from the prone position

Exercise for inner thigh, which also affects the muscles of the abdomen. From the prone position raise your straight legs up so they were perpendicular to the body. On the exhale, try raising them strictly in hand, and the breath — gather back, but so that the elastic does not come loose. Try to keep your knees straight, don’t prohibi lower back and spread feet as widely as possible. To load the muscles, use the tight elastic band and pull the foot for themselves.

Reps: 25-30.
Approaches: 2-3.

The gluteal bridge with breeding hips

Saving exercise for girls who want to increase the ass, but I’m afraid to pump his legs. Bridge point is the effect on the muscles of the buttocks, improving their shape and size. Lie on your back, position the arms along the body, legs bent, feet stand on the bed next to the basin. From this position on the exhale, raise your pelvis as high as possible, pushing the heels into the bed and squeezing the buttocks. At the top kindle the knees, with a force overcoming the resistance of elastic bands. Then get them back together and lower your pelvis.

Repetitions: 20.
Approaches: 3.

Link to the breast from a seated position

Exercise allows you to work out latissimus dorsi muscle and improve posture. Sit on the bed with your back straight, stretch your legs in front of him. Make sure they were straight. Phineas hooked the elastic band over the foot and pull it to the stomach, taking the elbows back. At the end try to connect the blades. To maintain the straight position of your body and not fall, bend the other leg and stick to her hand.

Repetitions: 30.
Approaches: 2.

Exercise for triceps

This superprestige, which forms the relief, the harder hands and eliminates sagging skin. Bend the legs, sit with the buttocks on the heels and straighten your back. One hand, hold the fitness, the elastic front over the chest, and the second fold at a right angle, holding the other end of the elastic. Exhale with force stretch it, straightening the arm at the elbow joint to the end.

Reps: 10-15 (on each hand).
Approaches: 3.

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