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6 bad habits in fitness

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We do fitness in order to deal with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, and this is commendable. Not a few bad habits can make all the efforts in the gym futile.

We do fitness in order to deal with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, make efforts to achieve their goals. It’s a shame, but just a few mistakes in the gym can make all efforts in vain.

If you’re interested, you’re probably aware they are doing something wrong, and your fitness goals seem unattainable. Error in fitness may not have anything to do with the selected exercises, quantity of repetitions and approaches. Typically, the error outside the training process, get rid of them, then I will start training to bring long-awaited result.


Whether due to arrogance, whether from the embarrassment of people not asking how to use the equipment and perform the exercises. If improperly performed exercises are not only useless, but dangerous.

Before you perform any action on the training, make sure you know how to do it correctly.
Training on an empty stomach

To train on an empty stomach is strictly prohibited, and if you have heard that it helps to lose weight, do not believe. Training on an empty stomach will lead to muscle depletion, the level of glucose in the blood is at a minimum level, and the body will have to use muscle glycogen as energy. In order to build muscle, not to lose them, you have to replenish her blood glucose before each workout. If you do fitness in the morning, but don’t eat Breakfast, prepare the evening light meal that will appeal to, for example, yogurt with added berries.

Too much cardio

Another mistake of those who are desperate to lose weight they torture themselves cardio beforehand to burn more calories. Excess cardio leads to depletion of muscle mass and effect a plateau in weight loss, that is, to stop the weight loss. Workouts will be quite a few fifteen minute sessions of cardio per week for weight loss, cardio should be combined with power loads.

Starve or eat the wrong food

In order to be in shape, no need to starve, need to eat right. Each fitness goal has its own power system, there are no such objectives for the achievement of which would be required to starve. The body needs protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in sufficient amounts, deficiency one of these components will result in failure in training.

Little sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for muscle recovery, without it you will not be able to train. The lack of sleep the body experiences stress, the stress hormone cortisol increases, testosterone and growth hormone decrease. When this hormonal imbalance is impossible to lose weight and gain muscle mass.

Follow protein diet

Protein is essential to repair damaged muscle but too much protein is not good for health and weight loss.

The prevalence of protein products accelerate fat metabolism so as to digest protein requires a lot of energy. To maintain the balance of protein should have no more than 30% of daily calorie diet.

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