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5 ways to relieve muscle pain

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After strenuous physical exercise the muscles are in tension, so they get sick. In order to ease the pain, you need to take steps to relax the muscular system.

After high physical loads involved muscles are in tension. Muscle pain is the proof that training was not for nothing, but to endure the pain sometimes is simply impossible. In order to get rid of the pain, need to relieve muscle tension. There are five available methods for getting rid of muscle pain.

To eat a pineapple or cherry

In cherries and pineapple contains beneficial enzymes, which help relax the muscles. Present in the pineapple enzyme bromelain can be purchased in specialized stores in the form of sports supplements.

To resort to a relaxing massage

Do not have to pay for the services of a masseur, you can consider more affordable ways. Foam cushion for relaxing muscles and sold in every sports store for little money. If you buy a small roller, it will be possible to take with itself on trainings.

Use salt

Bath salts with a high content of magnesium is one of the most effective relaxants for muscle of natural origin. After a bath with magnesium salts muscle pain subside. Only need to fill a bathtub with warm water and add a scoop of salt with magnesium. To buy such a salt can in pharmacies, sports and even the most ordinary shops.

To wear compression socks

Compression socks, stockings and leg warmers not only normalize blood circulation in the lower extremities, but also reduce the time for muscle recovery. Compression socks can be worn in everyday life instead of ordinary socks, the desired degree of pressure will relieve the legs from pain and swelling.

Alternate ice and heat exposure

Athletes often resort to an ice bath for getting rid of tension in the muscles, ten minutes in the icy water and the pain is significantly less. When using ice baths in the same day, you need to subject your muscles to thermal effects, for example, applying a warm heating pad or a bottle with warm water.

The combination of cold and warm exposure brings the effective relaxation of muscles scored.

Any of these methods will bring salvation from severe muscle pain, but the effect of each of them individually. If the selected recovery method is suitable, for each subsequent workout you won’t feel the effects from the previous lesson. Also, an important role in reconstruction is correct diet eat sufficient amounts of protein. Protein provides the body amino acids needed for muscle recovery.

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