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5 ways to avoid overeating at dinner

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Dinner is a high risk, overeating at dinner inevitably leads to excess weight. In order not to overeat at dinner, you need to use these life hacks.

Dinner is a very dangerous meal, especially if you are losing weight. You can prepare healthy and wholesome food, but overeating and eventually to recover. For dinner you need to consider everything you eat and drink to stay in the moment. Many people complain that they can’t resist and eat it for dinner too much in a more detailed conversation it turns out that they eat little during the day, or missed Breakfast. To ensure that overeating does not become a permanent formal tradition, and the extra pounds – constant companion, follow these recommendations. Compliance with these rules will instill in you good habits and help you lose weight.

Don’t eat late at night

No one’s talking about has been disproved by science “is not after six”, but too late meals should be avoided. No need to postpone the dinner, if you feel hunger, the more hunger, the greater the likelihood of overeating. Nobody will give universal recommendations by the time someone goes to bed at ten PM, and someone- well after midnight. Arrange your dinner so that it was held for at least two hours before bedtime.

The next two hours, the body spends on digestion, you fall asleep easily with an empty stomach, Wake up hungry and hurry to eat Breakfast.
Do workpiece

If you have time to cook dinner every day, then spend one day cooking preparations. Many healthy meals can be frozen, they can be stored in the form of a home semi-processed or ready food which only need to warm up. Some establishments carry out home delivery healthy food, but before ordering you need to specify the composition, nutritional and energy value of food.

Fill the plate correctly

Fill half the plate with vegetables, a quarter lean meat, and a quarter of slow carbohydrates. If you really love pasta, there is no reason to abandon them, but let them take no more than a quarter of a portion. This combination dinner is hearty, but will not lead to overeating.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol makes you more hungry and indifferent to the bans, it makes you to overeat harmful food, and then regret it. The most dangerous weight loss alcohol is sugary drinks, they not only inhibitions, but also provide empty calories. Limit alcohol consumption to one glass or shot glass, allow yourself to drink alcohol as often as three times a week.

Drink water

Alcohol makes you overeat and gain weight, water plays a reverse role. Researchers from Oxford conducted an experiment in which participants drank two glasses of water half an hour before dinner. The feeling of fullness from water protected from overeating, people get less calories for dinner. Drink two glasses of water before meals can be difficult, try to drink at least one. If you take a glass of water before every meal habit, the results will not keep itself waiting.

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