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5 types of dance that will help you lose weight

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Pole dance

Pole dance or dance pole (pole, as it is called) includes all the types of load and power, aerobic and stretching, and acrobatic elements. So it all starts not with the approach to the pylon, and with the basic exercises on the Mat to develop all muscle groups. Pole dance groupies argue that while the dance work these muscles, the existence of which you never knew existed in everyday life! But they will definitely start to hurt after a debut class.

As a rule, girls that without a good physical fitness come to your first class pole dance, find yourself with the desire to engage in sports and lead the muscles in tone — otherwise, how do all of these complicated, but such sexual tricks with a pole?


Incendiary reggaeton is a dance that requires good physical preparation. He appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico, but soon became widespread, first in Latin America, and then around the world. In contrast to the smooth salsa or bachata, reggeton based on hard and fast rhythm, so after the lesson, t-shirt, you can literally squeeze!

The main load during the dance goes on legs, thighs, buttocks, and if you dream about round ass swapped — choose reggaeton. By the way, this dance is also well burns fat as an active “shaking” work all the muscles and your body gets a cardio-load.

Belly dance

Belly dancing is most often associated with a rather pudgy Eastern beauties that have something “to shake”. Throw away those preconceptions and boldly go to class, if you dream of having a toned press. While belly dance is constantly stressed, is especially active in the oblique muscles, which are not so easy to pump even in the gym.

Moreover, belly dancing can help develop the muscles of the thighs, without making boring classic sit-UPS. So you can buy rather Oriental costume with ring necklace and go!

Irish step

Irish step is deservedly considered one of the best dances for weight loss. He will replace you, and jumping rope, and Jogging, and step aerobics… Well, Irish dance is an interesting option cardio for those who can’t bring himself to go for a morning jog.

However, the upper part of the body it is practically not involved, but if you dream about slim and fit legs, then this kind of dance is definitely for you!


Passionate Spanish flamenco is able to use all the muscles of the body, providing your body an even load. Dance sets very fast paced and has a lot of different movements, so bored in class just do not have.

First, the tone will come the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle, and secondly, flamenco requires perfect posture, and therefore, the dance is very good for the spine. And finally flamenco is plastic and the smooth motion that doesn’t hurt anyone.

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