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5 things that have no place in bodybuilding

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Engaging in any sport in a professional format is not easy. Bodybuilding is especially difficult, in addition to general sports difficulties, specific ones will be added. If you decide to build muscle, then start by forming the right mindset and be patient. Lifestyle will change dramatically, the results will not come quickly, ahead of many months of work on yourself. Experienced bodybuilders advise beginners to immediately give up five things, they have no place in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is not an amateur gym visit. Before setting a bold goal, you need to think a few times. In order to achieve success in bodybuilding, you need to have enough time, perseverance and health. If you are confident in the seriousness of your intentions, hurry to get rid of these things.

Workout at home

Bad mood, inclement weather, lack of time and other reasons to refuse to go to the gym in favor of home training will not be objective. Bodybuilding is not an easy fitness for keeping fit, for training you will need special conditions that cannot be recreated at home. You can buy a barbell and a pair of dumbbells at home, but this will not help either; you cannot place exercise machines for all muscle groups at home.

workout at home


In bodybuilding there is no place for alcohol and other bad habits, they are incompatible with the regime at the level of physiology. Alcohol use inhibits the synthesis of growth hormone and other chemicals associated with muscle growth.

The intoxication caused by alcohol is directly related to the destruction of muscle tissue, so you immediately need to choose what is more important for you – alcohol or muscles. Brutal muscular movie heroes can drink beer instead of water, and also eat only fatty and fried, in real life the biochemistry of the body is different.

Custom daily routine

It is necessary to refuse not only from alcoholic parties, but also from late parties in principle. Sleep in bodybuilding is important on a par with training and nutrition. Muscles recover and grow exclusively in a dream, there is no full sleep – no muscles.

If you are serious, then prepare yourself for the fact that the next few years you have to go to bed and get up at the same time.

Other people's opinion

Immediately prepare yourself for the fact that most of the environment does not understand you. The first results will become noticeable only after a few months, serious changes will come in a few years. Throughout this period, you will constantly encounter misunderstanding, perhaps even ridicule. If someone does not share your values, then his opinion should not have any weight for you.

Third Party Tips

The recommendations of those who have never been a bodybuilder are automatically regarded as insignificant. You can only listen to them out of politeness, but it’s better not to listen at all. If the advice comes from someone who has achieved success in bodybuilding, then you should listen to it, but you should not take it as truth in the first instance. An individual approach works here, two people cannot have the same physique, genetic predisposition, metabolic rate, muscle performance and level of preparation. These are just a few factors that are taken into account in the search for an approach to one's own body.


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