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5 steps to return to the sport

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In the summer it is easy to skip one workout, then another, then puzzled to see that the break lasted for a month or longer. How to return to sport to quickly take shape?

Lose in shape a lot easier than gain it, especially in summer, when there are a lot of reasons to miss the class. Often one pass turns into a break that lasts a month or more. Return to sport is not easy, training have dropped out of compulsory daily routine, but it must be done, as it only gets harder. These five steps are progressive will return the habit to do sports and allow you to regain form.

Step 1 – willpower

In order to re-start exercise, you need to collect all will in a fist and force yourself to go to the gym. The first training after the break will not be as difficult as it charges at her. You will always be more important things to do and temptations to reschedule the class for tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week. As a reasonable person, you’re not going to be a burden on yourself in the first lesson, so in training you don’t expect anything scary.

Step 2 – plan

Come to the gym without a plan is like coming to the grocery store without a list, keeping everything in memory is impossible. After the intended date of the first exercise, you need to move on to drafting a new programme.

The previous program can be used only after adaptation, it is necessary to reduce the load.

If you immediately go back to the same intensity scales, tempo and duration, the body is subjected to stress, can not be excluded injury.

Step 3 – active recovery

During a break from the strain of unaccustomed not only muscle, but the cardiovascular system, so in the pauses between sets it is impossible to stop. Between sets do not need to sit still and delve into your smartphone, you need not to stop – to jump rope, jog on the track or just walk down the hall. At the end of training is also not abruptly stop you need to hold the stretch.

Step 4 – stretching

Compared with the basic exercise stretching will seem weak and ineffective, but in fact it is needed. Stretching at the end of training serves several purposes – it soothes the cardiovascular and nervous system, relieves muscle tone and quicker muscle recovery.

Step 5 – objective assessment

You need to objectively assess not only their appearance but also their athletic capabilities. Look at yourself in the mirror, we should not complacent, and so, like other people. The lack of activities and poor nutrition during the break could cause the appearance of extra pounds, it is important to notice them and to include in the training plan measures to eliminate excess weight. Your strength is also need to evaluate realistically, not take the weight, which is trained earlier, and one that will be feasible at the moment.

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