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5 secrets of endurance

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Endurance is not a gift but a skill that must be developed. In order to become physically fit, you need to constantly train and integrate into the training program these recommendations.

In order to increase physical endurance, you need to constantly train. Stamina will increase gradually, attempts to speed up the process can result in injury and loss of sports form during rehabilitation. Training should take place regularly, without gaps, and plan lessons to build on these five recommendations.

A combination of cardio and strength loads

The combination of these two types of loads get the maximum results. Thus you will train the muscular and cardiovascular system, endurance of man depends on them.

Reduction of time to rest

For men, this recommendation works better than women’s because they are hardier by nature. After the set of exercises you’ll be breathing heavily, sweating profusely and feel the burn in your muscles. But don’t rest too long, the usual practice involves a pause between sets of 30-90 seconds for endurance training they need to be cut in half.

The alternating loads

If your body gets used to the current regime, the workouts will subside. In order that the body becomes more resilient, it is necessary to constantly surprise with new loads. No need to invent something, sometimes it is enough just to change exercises in some places.

The stagnation in the training process is called the plateau effect, the change of loads allows you to overcome it.
Combining the two exercises

The ideal workout should be based on the peculiarities of your body, exercises for endurance have to be complicated. Combining two simple exercises, you get a new difficult exercise.

Explosive exercises

Exercises on explosive power to really make the muscles burn, they increase not only the strength but also the endurance. Burpee, jumping on the duct and explosive push-UPS not only increase physical stamina but also give confidence. It’s really challenging exercises that will make you become better version of myself.

This is five simple secrets to increase stamina, do not worry if you can’t use all at once. Change your exercise program slowly, adding one of the items. Eventually, you’ll realize what you’ve become tougher, and that this is not the limit of your abilities.

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