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5 reasons why you want to quit fitness training

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5 reasons why you want to quit fitness training

The contents

  • Fitness classes: proper motivation — the key to success
  • The result of fitness training will not be lightning fast
  • Pain and fatigue are frequent companions of sporting victories
  • Monotonous, it’s boring
  • With good looks, the sport does not need
  • Undesirable weight gain

Fitness training is hard work, allowing you to save alluring shape and good health. However, even such conclusive evidence may not always keep the motivation. Just one word “fitness” evokes many different emotions. Someone takes it with ease and pleasure, while others are ready to run from the fear visible on the horizon challenges. But no matter how frightened of the inevitable loss of “blood and sweat”, it’s worth it. Today we talk about the 5 pitfalls that will meet every aspiring athlete on his journey. After all, realizing what you’re about to face, to overcome obstacles will be easier. As they say, forewarned — forearmed.

Fitness classes: proper motivation — the key to success

In spite of everything, many people start with and continue to train without succumbing to a number of obstacles. And most of all a matter of motivation. Good health, increased production capabilities, the acquisition of strength in the muscles, look toned and attractive body… To start simply desires to get into your favorite pants. Then, step by step, is added the joy of victory over myself, the appearance of the first results noticeable envious glances.

But it’s also important to understand that laziness and unwillingness to get up off the sofa is also a natural thing. Only hard work, willpower and discipline will help destroy small obstacles, which will be discussed further. What is thought to be engaged in fitness?

The result of fitness training will not be lightning fast

Most stop fitness training without waiting for quick results. This is a pretty significant problem because, even putting Herculean efforts to achieve the first shifts will take time. Half an hour, even the most grueling fitness classes, will not change the volume of the waist. It is the patience and regularity play a key role in the success of the plan.

Pain and fatigue are frequent companions of sporting victories

Fitness classes should not be held lightly. The main rule of the perfection of the body in the gym: “If the exercise is very simple — it doesn’t work”. Burning sensation and mild pain in the affected muscles is a sign that training is good. Of course, this rule is valid only for healthy people, in the absence of contraindications. Therefore before you start training, be sure to be examined by a doctor.

Many do not understand the feasibility of the victims, and as soon as there is the slightest discomfort or pain, leave objectionable idea. This behavior not only makes it impossible to achieve the desired goals now, but also can lead to negative consequences in the future. Sufficient physical activity helps to strengthen muscles and to relieve and prevent many diseases. Among them, joint problems caused by obesity, arthritis and other health problems, which in the future can cause much more pain and disappointment. Activity, fitness and healthy exercise — kind contributions to further the well-being and increase life expectancy and quality of life.

It is important not to forget about security measures, namely to understand what pain is normal. You must ensure that the exercise is done correctly. At the training stage this’ll do just fine personal trainer, have read the list of contraindications of a particular client.

Monotonous, it’s boring

If the first workout, because of the novelty, it seemed exciting and fun, then over time any activity becomes routine. Feeling of boredom is a reason to diversify their occupation. For example, to complicate a fitness workout, add new exercises, or even as a useful entertainment to choose any other kind of activity.

There are many ways to improve with a fun workout can be different, take place in individual or collective rhythm. For example, a wonderful active pastime can be a game of bumperball. Which 2 teams are playing football, wearing special inflatable spherical protection. Security, crazy calorie consumption, the impact on the muscles of the entire body and wonderful mood are guaranteed.

With good looks, the sport does not need

Many stop fitness classes as soon as they reach their goals (reset a couple pounds, a reduction of the waist, tighten the buttocks and thighs). The feeling of victory over oneself — this is great, like being on top of the world. However, the further inactivity can reduce the result. To maintain attractive volumes and shapes needed to continue to do the exercises. Besides, an active lifestyle is the best assistant in the prevention of most diseases.

Undesirable weight gain

The fitness training combines cardio and weight training. It often happens, that the passion for strength training, changes the qualitative body composition, adipose tissue splits, this muscle strengthened and toned. Muscle tissue is heavier than fat, making the scale begins to slightly move in an undesirable direction. And it is fundamentally disappointing seeking to lose weight. Despite the fact that the person looks and feels better, there comes some disappointment because the scale is moving in the opposite direction, and that forces us to abandon any sports. However, all the hard-earned benefits that have been achieved from the fitness workouts will soon disappear, and to return to the sport for the second time, as practice shows, much more difficult.

Excuses are useless, instead they push us from the amazing benefits achieved sports activity. Among them — improvement of the physical and moral well-being, ability to concentrate, raise self esteem, increase in production capacities of the body, reducing the likelihood of developing ailments related to the development of excess weight. Simply select the type of load close to the spirit and not contraindicated by a physician, after which it was trained body and clear mind.

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