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5 reasons to complete strength training

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Working with weights is improving physical strength and strengthening of moral character, as well as the growth of self-confidence. But if you show excessive zeal, the exercise will do harm and not good.

Social networks are full of motivational statements: “Go to the end, whatever happens!”, “Spend the training at any price!” and many such. Exercise at any cost – this is not the right strategy, especially if we are talking about power loads. Strength training makes people stronger physically and mentally, increases its resilience and self-confidence. But if you overdo it, the effort will not benefit, but harm.
The most dangerous recommendation in the power of sport is to continue training despite the pain. Ignoring pain leads to increased inflammation and injury of the joints, to such degenerative changes, as wear and tear on joints and tendons, arthritis. There are five types of pain that suggests that exercise should be immediately terminated. If you experience such pain the injured place you need to ice and free yourself from training for a few days. If after a few days the pain became less, then you need to go to the doctor.

Pain and clicking in my shoulder when lifting hands over head

Shoulders are often injured in training, pain in top of shoulder and clicks can signal as inflammation and degenerative changes, for example, damage in the upper part, where it joins the shoulder-blade and collarbone. Shoulder pain may indicate arthritis and tendonitis. Damage can be a muscle imbalance or excessiveness loads. When shoulder pain you need to stop your workout to prevent a more serious injury.

Pain and burning sensation in the elbows

When performing exercises on a biceps, you can face the pain and a burning sensation in the elbow joint, as manifested syndrome, tennis elbow and lateral epicondylitis. Without proper attention syndrome tennis elbow goes into serious chronic diseases with ongoing pain. For pain in the elbow is well suited for a massage, start training until the cessation of pain strongly desirable. After the pain subsides, you need to focus on eccentric exercises to stretch and eliminate muscle imbalances.

Severe pain in the back

If back pain is given into the buttocks and legs, accompanied by numbness or tingling, it says structural damage of the vertebrae, irritation or pinched nerve. Usually, this pain comes when performing the deadlift or squat more weight when the person does not comply with the correct technique and rounds the back. Rounding the back create excessive load on the spine, with the right technique, the load will be distributed between the back, glutes and legs. In such exercises as squats and deadlifts, use should be made of the thighs and buttocks.

Knee pain

Trauma to the knees comes when performing such exercises as lunges, squats and leg curl. If the pain affects the inner and outer part of the knee that increases with bending the leg, this indicates a meniscus trauma. Trauma can be sudden, accompanied by severe pain and severe edema, as manifested sprains and torn ligaments. You first need to stop doing the movement that causes pain, and to take action if the pain subsides at rest.

In order to avoid pain in the knees, you need to strengthen glutes and hamstrings appropriate exercises.
Pain in the groin or along the thigh

Can occur during deep squats and lunges, crunches and deep squats on his haunches. Most often this pain is caused by excess load on the front part of the thigh, usually the pain subsides when you rest and taking anti-inflammatory drugs. To avoid pain in the groin and along the thigh exercises help balance that are performed on an unstable surface. When you search for balance all the muscles working together, which ensures equal development.

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