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5 reasons for thousands of mistakes in fitness

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Unsuccessful attempt of fitness – not a reason to abandon training and transformation of the body. After a failure you need to analyze your behavior to understand what she was called, and to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about fitness. They choose the wrong diet and the wrong workout, eat the wrong foods and have placed a wrong burden. Consequently, the efforts result in failure, people become frustrated and abandon the site. These five actions are cause for thousands of errors in fitness, stop doing, and the changes will not keep itself waiting long.

Exercise to burn fat

In order to get rid of fat, do I need to train, but it takes a lot of mistakes. Let’s face it – you get fat not because of lack of training, but due to the fact that consume more calories than you spend. If you continue to consume too many calories at one time and in total for the day, you can’t lose weight due to workouts.

To believe that metabolism slows down after 30 years

Metabolism slows down due to the fact that you celebrated your thirtieth birthday. Objective reason for slowing metabolism is loss of muscle tissue. If, after 30 years, will become less active as most, he will lose muscle and slow down metabolism. If he continues to lead an active lifestyle, you metabolism will remain at the same level.

To give up bread and eat lots of healthy foods

Back to the first point, the extra weight appears to cause the extra calories came from food and not have time to consume on the activity. The body can defer in the form of fat, not only bread and pasta, but a salad diet. Whole wheat bread, and pasta, will be valuable sources of slow carbs don’t need to give them up, you need to use each product.

Do not eat after six in the evening

Body burns calories 24 hours a day, even when you sleep, the body spends energy on breathing, heartbeat and other important processes.

Not only is it important not to overbook myself on calorie intake, but also to divide it into small portions to be consumed every 2-3 hours.

If you refuse to eat after six in the evening, between dinner and Breakfast will be at least 12 hours in such conditions the metabolism will slow down, the body will preserve fat stores at any price.

To think that strength training will greatly increase all

So do many women, they do not take up a dumbbell, because they are afraid to build huge muscles, become heavy and massive. Even for men the task to build muscle is very long and time-consuming, especially for women, which is hormonal and genetic predisposition for large muscles. Strength training will make the body fit and slightly increase muscle mass in the right places. A lover will never be able to pump up these muscles, as professionals, it will only increase the amount of muscle tissue to accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss. Muscle burns a huge amount of calories, without allowing them to become fat deposits.

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