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5 proven tips for weight loss

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Humanity is familiar to hundreds of methods for losing weight constraint-based nutrition and physical activity. If to compare best practices among themselves, they will be based on five principles.

On the Internet you can find thousands of recommendations on the topic of weight loss, professional and Amateur, and not very effective. In fact, there are only two effective way to lose weight is exercise and proper nutrition, on their basis the best methods for control of body weight. If to compare all proven methods for weight loss, we understand that they are built on these five principles.

You need to eat meals, not snacks

The basis of healthy food – a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner. When it is assumed fractional power between them can be present light snacks of healthy foods, but a snack will not replace the main meal. If each of the meals will be similar on the bite, will suffer metabolism, in addition to digesting a full meal, the body spends more calories than a meal.

Mode cardio loads

In order to do cardio and lose weight, the loads should be continuous and regular. Empirically proven that four exercise half an hour each week allow you to lose more weight than two workout for an hour. In regular sport mode the body gets used to spending a certain amount of calories, the metabolism increases, your performance increases.

Eating whole grain foods

People who eat whole grains are typically more slender than those who do not. Whole grain is a fiber and complex carbohydrates, the body will have to spend a lot of energy to digest them. Any smoothie will become a product for weight loss, if you add a grain of oats, but if rice pudding is not on white and brown rice, dessert of the harmful it will turn into a healthy dish.

Sleep in a cool room

Not any fat in the human body, harmful to health and beauty, adipose tissue brown color does not make a person full, and can help to lose weight. In order to increase the amount of brown fat to get rid of white fat, you need to create certain temperature conditions.

The temperature in the room for sleeping should not exceed 19 degrees, under such conditions the metabolic rate for the month will accelerate to 10%.
Excess food should stay on the plate

The degree of saturation is determined by feelings and not by the degree of fullness of a dish. Habit to eat everything that’s on the plate always leads to overeating, it goes into the body 200 excess calories each day, and body weight increased by an average of five kilograms in six months. You need to be able to listen to your body and stop the meal at the point of saturation.

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