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5 of the rules of this bodypositive

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do not hide under a large clothes, full tummy, not ashamed of cellulite and maintain that you love yourself in any condition. They are without a doubt flaunt imperfect figure and create a striking contrast with the heroine of the social networks that are plaguing yourself with diet and exercise to achieve the ideal shape, but it doesn’t look happy…

It is not surprising that bodypositive so many fans. Accept your body, love yourself, and no need for any restrictions — is not this the dream of every girl? But where is the boundary between the ability to make any and unwillingness to take care of yourself? And how to find a middle ground? Deal with an expert in nutrition Herbalife Nutrition Vyacheslav Zakharov.

Vyacheslav Zakharov

1. Do not chase for a perfect body. But strive to ensure that your body was healthy.

How to achieve this? First of all, avoid extremes. And hard limits, and a complete lack of attention to his diet harms our body and emotional state. Another thing is that to choose these extremes in a psychological sense, simpler: no need to worry about your diet, balance and variety. That’s why some girls constantly sit on diets, followed by breakdowns. And the other once and for all decide what to achieve the ideal form does not work, so not worth trying.
Proper nutrition is first and foremost mindful eating. A balance between food that provides our body with essential nutrients (macro and micronutrients), helps to keep good form, stable weight and well-being, and foods that we enjoy. If you find it difficult to find this balance itself, do not be shy to ask for help to a nutritionist.

2. Be smart and don’t go on about their eating habits — analyze them!

Supporters of bodypositive eat what they like. If they like pizza, cakes and beverages, they eat and gain weight. But reasonable girl in this case is to think about why she wants food that promotes weight gain?

The reasons may be two. First: the diet is not systematically missing any important elements. For example, if you eat too little complex carbohydrates, you will constantly pull on the sweet and willpower here is unlikely to help. You just need to revise your diet to include high-quality foods containing complex carbohydrates and not overeating sweets and pastries.

The second reason: the seizure of any vital unmet need. For example, leisure, communication, relationships, self realization and so on. If you repeatedly overeat is a real problem, based on psychological dissatisfaction. How much do you need to eat pita bread to feel loved and attractive girl? To cope with such a situation can be difficult. Think about having to go to a psychologist or a support group. So you will be able to change the situation, and not run away from it to the new portions of food, promising himself once again Monday to go on a diet.

The most difficult is precisely this awareness. Overweight people find themselves in a trap of lack of any desires other than food, because in a sense, it is much easier to desire, say, to eat dumplings with sour cream, than to understand that you don’t have enough love, attention or basic relaxation. And eat in our reality is almost always possible, but to solve all the other internal problems in the two accounts just will not work.

3. Love yourself and still follow the rules.

Yes, those who want life to be slim, you need to follow certain rules. But the good news is that these rules are sufficiently clear and understandable. And once you get used to them, you will realize that there is nothing difficult.

  • Regular smaller meals (4-5 times a day). So you won’t feel hungry and you don’t want to overeat at night. And don’t justify themselves with lack of time. For example, make “food in Cup” protein shake Formula 1 with the addition of protein mixtures Formula 3 whip in a blender adding water or milk. Two minutes and a delicious, balanced meal is ready.

  • A balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. When your body has all the nutrients it is craving for bad food goes away. Note: very often a strong hunger complain about those who does not eat enough protein.
  • Optimum calorie is to consume as much energy with food, how to spend it in the process of life.
  • At least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Otherwise the body lacks energy and get it only from food.
  • To minimize stress. The more you worry, the more you want to eat. So don’t worry!

4. Be sure to move! But choose the physical activity that you like.

The idea of bodypositive that there is no ideal body image, they exist only as images in media and advertising, as a promise of happiness — you’ll be fine only when you look properly. We understand that this is not true, but also true that you can eat junk food and feel great about it. So, of course, need to find ways to keep yourself in shape, but they should be able to be fun. For example, almost everyone can find the version of physical activity that will bring him joy: for some it’s a leisurely, long walk in the Park, someone will love the tennis, and someone swimming. And everyone can be an optimal diet, which will include a delicious favorite products and follow the necessary quantity of water consumed.

5. Consciously learn to be happy, not just when you see the desired number on the scales.

Learn to get pleasure from everyday things, look for activities that make you happy. Every day try to find a few minutes to stop, think, listen to yourself and understand what is important to you, that takes strength, and that adds. When you consciously apply to every day of my life, food ceases to be the main fun. So, overeating is no reason.

How to understand that your weight okay?

  • The body mass index. This relationship of height and weight, calculate it and obtain the results here.
  • Waist circumference is an indicator of internal body fat. Sound the alarm is recommended if she:

more than 102 cm in men

more than 88 cm in women

  • Bioimpedance analysis of body composition: the amount of muscle, bone and adipose tissue in the body. It is an objective assessment of the body. Very often it is held in fitness clubs to keep track of the changes in the body composition with the inclusion of a mode of physical activity. The Wellness test on the body composition analyzer absolutely free to go to Clubs a healthy lifestyle.

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