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5 myths about power fitness training

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5 myths about power fitness training

The contents

  • Excess weight and fat is the main consequence of the refusal of training
  • The beautiful terrain is the result of vigorous exercise
  • Between sets at the fitness training you need to relax
  • Heavy physical activity damages the joints
  • Weight training have a lot of contraindications

“Power fitness training ruin health, result in large relief of the muscles, causing uterine prolapse in women” and other myths about strength exercises widespread among non sports people. This reduces the number of potential followers of a healthy lifestyle, and already came to the weightlifting prevents people to achieve good results. Which statements about strength training are wrong?

Excess weight and fat is the main consequence of the refusal of training

Many believe that if you stop lifting for whatever reasons, all formed so hard muscle will turn into fat. In fact, this statement makes sense, but it is not about the replacement of one tissue by another. Muscle can never turn into fat, as I can not to become the bones tendons and Vice versa. Another thing is that lack of exercise leads to atrophy of the muscle tissue. If the muscles don’t work, they decrease in volume, but a Holy place is never empty. An overabundance of calories on the background of power supply leads to deposition of fat, the appearance of extra weight, the body becomes soft and loose, which explains the emergence of this myth.

Thanks to special exercises and active exercises can stay at the same weight, not dropping a single kilogram, but at the same time getting rid of excess fat and build muscle. The network is full of photos of people “before” and “after” training, which the naked eye can see all these metamorphoses. Of course, this form must be maintained, it is a big job, but it’s worth it.

The beautiful terrain is the result of vigorous exercise

When you look at the weightlifter imagination and draws picture of his work with a barbell, which he shakes at the limit of their strength and capabilities. It is believed that to build muscle is possible only when working with large weights and low reps, but it is not so. Fitness training with small weights and high number of repetitions in its effectiveness does not inferior to them. Author of books about bodybuilding and fitness brad Schonfield believes that the number of repetitions should vary in the range of 6-15 times. In his opinion, it’s the perfect environment to create beautiful expressive relief.

Good progress can be achieved to deal with their own weight. Released from the prison cells of calisthenics today collects under its banner a lot of followers around the world. Classes on the bar, ghetto workout, street workout are very popular not only among those who do not have access to a gym. Looking at their lean figures hard to believe that such results can be achieved by performing bodyweight exercises without resorting to heavy weights in a fitness club.

Between sets at the fitness training you need to relax

Someone is using their free time between sets in order to have a few words with other athletes, check your email on the phone or just walk around the room, and some go further and extracted from the about this opportunity is of great benefit to themselves and their performance. Somehow, they think that between sets you should rest and do nothing, although this time can be used wisely performing exercises fillers. Women might hear this term at a reception at his beautician, but the fillers, which means “to fill”, are found in fitness training.

We are talking about light exercise, mainly dynamic stretching that can support the muscles and ligaments in a heated condition and to increase the mobility of joints, and therefore to improve the technique. There are a lot of exercises-fillers “dormant” muscles that do not participate in the classroom. Their study helps to improve your performance flexibility and endurance to develop a truly harmonious body.

Heavy physical activity damages the joints

It is believed that a heavy physical workload contributes to the destruction of the joints, but this statement is true only for those catches with the bat, striving to grasp the immensity and takes the weight to which it is completely unprepared. This is especially true for people who are overweight and suffering from obesity. Deciding to suddenly change their lives, they tend to catch up during the long years of inactivity, and as a result acquire an aversion not only to the power fitness training, and sports in General.

As for degenerative changes and wear of joints in individuals who train for years, then there are none. According to scientists from the Department of Orthopaedics Royal Infirmary of Glasgow, of joint destruction among athletes and weightlifters are not more than ordinary people far from the world of sports. Those who physical exercise have helped to create a strong muscular corset, increased endurance and strength, allowed to achieve good results, not terrible osteoarthritis and other inflammatory diseases of the joints, only if they are not provoked by other causes.

Weight training have a lot of contraindications

One of them is excess weight has been said in the previous paragraph. Actually in strength fitness workouts no more side effects than other sports. They, like any other, increase the load on the cardiovascular system, so the first thing is contraindicated cores. But everyone else before you buy a gym membership, it is recommended to consult a cardiologist and take all the necessary tests. The fact is that most of the diseases of the heart and blood vessels are revealed precisely after increasing physical activity, and before that people may not know that is sick.

But in this case do not worry and take a seat on the couch at home. There are many opportunities to increase their physical activity, and to contribute to improving the health of body and spirit. You can enjoy swimming, Nordic walking, learn yoga or callanetics. When there is a desire to improve their lives, to add something new and useful, there is a way to implement it. Women can also engage in strength training, but it is better to do it under the guidance of an experienced coach.

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