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5 mistakes runners and habits that will help to fix them

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5 mistakes runners and habits that will help to fix them

The contents

  • Failure to follow the rules of healthy lifestyle and nutrition
  • The lack of correct clothes is a bad habit
  • Bad preparation before exercise
  • Ignoring pain caused by exercise
  • The lack of regularity of as a habit

No matter whether a person is a novice runner or take part in all marathons — damage and serious injury can happen to anyone. What errors most often allow runners, and what sports habits to develop in order to exercise without bringing harm to the body? Read in this article.

Failure to follow the rules of healthy lifestyle and nutrition

Proper nutrition for an athlete is an important factor affecting his health. It should be balanced to allow the body to make intensive efforts in training.

The most important source of energy for long working muscles are carbohydrates. Muscle glycogen supplies the body with glucose needed for full employment. The depletion of its reserves leads to a decrease in performance and fatigue. It is therefore important to ensure that the menu of the athlete adheres to the rules of healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to diversify the diet of rice, cereal, pasta, bread, fruit, potatoes.

Carbohydrates should make up about 60% of the food consumed. It is important to eat them regularly and in moderation. Due to this insulin (responsible for glikogenogenez) is generated gradually, not by leaps and bounds but glycogen is systematically injected in muscles and liver.

Dinner should be 2 hours before the scheduled exercise, slowly, carefully chewing on the pieces. Running with a full stomach is harmful to health, but too a long break between rest and activity is not recommended: the body during exercise begins to obtain energy from muscle, not glycogen. Systematic, regular hydration of the body during the day is also important. During and after training, you can use isotonic drinks.

The lack of correct clothes is a bad habit

Proper footwear is the Foundation — it provides not only comfort, but, above all, reduces the risk of injury. This does not mean, however, that you need to choose the most recent and expensive model.

You must develop the habit to buy shoes based on the characteristics of the foot (e.g., lifting), as well as the surface at which the person usually runs (rigid asphalt or a soft path). It is better to choose shoes with an appropriate stabilizer, rigid, or controlling the movement of the flexible sole, shock absorbing effectively.

Also, an important clothes — it should not restrict movement and deliver a different discomfort. Women are advised to wear a stabilizing sports bra that will take care of the health of the mammary glands. Clothing for exercise should be made of breathable material, which does not allow sweat to linger on the body. The habit of wearing such things will increase comfort and protects from cooling or overheating.

Bad preparation before exercise

Protection from injury ensure feel his own body, that is, proprioception. It’s kind of instinctive feeling which causes impulses many times faster than the conscious mind. Feeling responsible for the unconscious control stability of the joints, coordination, affect the correction of the body, allowing you to avoid injuries.

Is it possible to train him? Yes, if you perform some very simple exercises like standing on one leg with your eyes closed or doing squats. Habit to warm up the body and perform stretching of the muscles, also, are a very important part of preventing injuries. This contributes to and simple exercises — daily bending and twisting exercise of the arms and thighs.

It is especially important to stretch immediately before running — this will reduce the risk of microdamage. They result from excessive force or repeated overloads, and their accumulation leads to inflammation, can occur the pain. It is equally important to stretch after the workout, the longer the better.

Ignoring pain caused by exercise

In the case of injuries from physical activity, you need to consult a specialist and ensure yourself a rest. Even seemingly harmless damage, if left untreated, can lead to serious problems. The main symptoms that should raise concern include:

  • pain that occurs during movement and increased after exercise;
  • pain on palpation;
  • the limited mobility and muscle weakness;
  • swelling.

A missed injury can have different consequences, depending on what was damaged. If a muscle was torn, and the timing has not had, in the torn area forms a scar. It will be much less elastic than muscles, so the further physical exercise and inadequate rest will likely result in injury. In the case of lesions of the meniscus (cartilage in the knee joint) the lack of rapid medical action will lead to irreversible changes, including damage to the articular cartilage. The same thing happens with the ligaments — chronic instability caused by the absence of treatment, leads to a condition which cannot be cured after some time.

The lack of regularity of as a habit

Regular exercise — the key to success. If a person has set a goal to run a marathon, which required systematic training to prepare the body for long-term efforts. Forming the habit to exercise 30 minutes 4 times a week and gradually increase the load to maintain the proprioception at the appropriate level. This minimizes the risk of injury influences the strengthening of the muscles.

Training intensity should increase up to 10 percent a week. Short sessions several times a week not kompensiruet one hard run lasting several hours. The body should gradually be prepared for an increase in the intensity of efforts is one of the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, the person exposes the body to extreme forces and many injuries.

To treat the workouts and increase the intensity of need with care. Excessive training, ignoring pain, malnutrition and neglect warm-UPS lead to injuries and poor health. Observance of principles of healthy lifestyle play a major role in training.

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