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5 marathons without running

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If you’re attracted to the idea to participate in the marathon, but running is not your favorite sport, then you have at least five alternatives. Each of these marathons has nothing to do with the run.

Participation in the marathon is a confirmation of your status, checking your own endurance and strength, the transition to a new level. The idea of participation in the marathon attracts almost all the people living for sports. The concept of a marathon is often wrongly associated with running, but it is not just for this discipline. If you don’t love running, but want to participate in the marathon, then you have at least five alternatives. Each of these types of the marathon is irrelevant to the run.

Rowing marathon

This is the format of the League of CrossFit, the most difficult test for the body. In order to prepare for that marathon, you only need access to a rowing simulator, available in many halls. The growing popularity of this format of the marathon is closely linked with the demand for crossfit. Rowing a marathon is not like running throughout the test you will be seated, but will spend a huge amount of effort. Rowing involves not only the hands will work the whole body, you need to constantly move the weight of the body and attach it to the desired point.

Ski marathon

Recommend participation in this race swimmers and athletes who work with rods. Ski marathon is different from running and rowing, it is very difficult for a trained person. Untrained people often go the distance because of poor health, dizziness and nausea. This is a real test for those who are confident in themselves.

The burpee marathon

Participation and preparation in this marathon does not require any equipment. If you love push-UPS and jumping, you can develop your skills to perform a burpee. In order to get 2-5 thousand repetitions of a burpee, you start with perform 50 repetitions without stopping. Preparation for the burpee marathon will be very difficult, but worth it.

Kettlebell marathon

Participation in this marathon will be attractive to those working with weight. When used correctly, the kettlebell is the most effective and safe method of development of endurance and explosive power. Kettlebell marathon lasts an hour, are also available premaratne lasting half an hour.

Think about kettlebell marathon can be one who is able to press the weight without a pause at least 50 times.
Marathon jumping rope

In a marathon, jumping rope, the goal is to perform ten thousand jumps per month. Technically this is not a marathon, but the run around 334 jumping rope every day for months is a serious test. It’s a cross between a marathon and fitness, you will have a powerful motivation to improve your physical fitness and accomplish complex tasks.

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