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5 habits of endurance athletes

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Professional athletes have their own habits that allow them to be hardy. If you are losing weight or do fitness, you need to learn from athletes these five habits.

Professional athletes are very hardy, to purchase stamina help them with these five habits. If you’re ready to compete, training to lose weight or do fitness, you’ll need some endurance. Try to adopt these habits of professional athletes.

To eat before training

For any exercise important energy before a workout is important to replenish its supplies. Carbohydrates provide the body’s most available energy, so the best snack before exercise is carbohydrate foods, the amount of snack should be compared with the loads in training. For training duration from one hour to two hours will be required to obtain 30 grams of carbohydrate every hour if the training lasts for two to three hours, you will need 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

Replenish energy after a workout

After a workout, the body requires not only carbohydrates for energy, but proteins for repair of muscle tissue. Snack after a workout should contain at least 20 grams of protein, with very intensive training, the need increases to 40 grams of protein.

For every gram of protein should have three grams of carbohydrates.
Fully recover

The amount of training is not as important as the performance of each of them, so the athletes will never start exercising if not recovered after previous loads. In order to speed up recovery, athletes use fitness videos and stretching. Stretching makes muscles more elastic, the rolling of the roller reduces muscle pain and stimulates blood flow.

Block negative thoughts

For someone who recently started to do fitness, to withstand hours of training will be as hard as a professional runner to overcome the marathon. Closer to the end of the workout or race you will feel like you are leaving power, most likely you will immediately have thoughts that you can’t handle. The best of the best immediately block these thoughts, so they succeed.

Celebrate small victories

Victory comes not only after participating in the competition, to achieve new goals in fitness, to overcome themselves, to reach a new level – it is also a victory. It is important to note the small accomplishments and reward yourself for each little victory. Endurance is not only physical but also a psychological advantage, therefore, of great importance will have a positive attitude.

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