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5 good reasons to go to the gym

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5 good reasons to go to the gym

The contents

  • 1. Refuse training, if you have an injury
  • 2. Skip the gym when sick
  • 3. Don’t go to class, if you over-exercised
  • 4. Waiver fitness training for girls: painful menstruation
  • 5. Don’t go to workout for weight loss after drinking alcohol

If you attend fitness training regularly, you are unlikely to be distracted from classes heavy rain or snowfall, an excuse to go out with friends for pizza or other disrespectful stuff. But in some cases do is to abandon classes, especially if you feel unwell. Although here, too, need to learn to clearly distinguish the real factor to skip and just unwillingness to go to the gym and laziness. No desire to do? Check out our list of five really good reasons, when we can safely abandon the exercise, and draw conclusions.

1. Refuse training, if you have an injury

It would seem, here all is clear: I broke my leg, dislocated my ankle, twisted my ankle… Well, what kind of fitness training can be a speech? However, as it turned out, a number of less significant and less obvious injuries may be hidden and occur almost imperceptibly. And their zapuskaniya will only aggravate the situation, with potentially even more negative consequences, and will not give you to train for the full. How to recognize a “hidden” injury? You have to bother with the constant, regular ache in the same area of the body. As a rule, it occurs in the gym when performing movements at a certain amplitude.

Example: when squatting constantly hurting one knee. And the more weight you take or the more reps and approaches do, the more pain. At rest the pain subsides and the knee is not. But once again the burden, the pain returns. So can occur overloading of the knee or, worse, a sprain of ligaments and tendons, tear muscles, infiltration of synovial fluid from the joint capsule, etc. Feel something like that? Immediately consult a specialist, get x-rays, MRI or other diagnostics. Otherwise, you not only forget about training for weight loss, but you risk to immobilize a specific area of your body for a long time.

2. Skip the gym when sick

Not now think that a runny nose will cause skip the exercise for fitness. Not at all! Many coaches and sports doctors say that the slight discomfort it allows for easy workout without excessive intensity. In this case, accelerates blood circulation, warms the body and all tissue is well saturated with oxygen. These are the factors that will only help to get rid of a cold starting, but will not exacerbate the situation. Reduce the intensity and activity of reps and reduce the weight.

It is quite another thing if you have a fever. A critical indicator on the thermometer will be 37.5 is if it is exceeded, it is better not to go to the gym and stay home. This increase in temperature suggests that you do not have common colds, and incipient infection or the flu. Listen to the symptoms: if you have a runny nose or sore throat, it’s all right. But if the discomfort “down” below: severe cough, shortness of breath, pain in the chest, aches throughout the body, then fitness training will not benefit, and will make it worse.

3. Don’t go to class, if you over-exercised

Overtraining is a very loose concept. If you have been involved in fitness, with varying success, attended training regularly and rarely don’t be surprised that after the intensive training you will feel quite strong pain in those muscle groups on which he had worked. This is a natural result of the muscles, and in some cases the pain from microreserves muscle tissue. Workout leads to increased muscle volume and increases muscle mass. This is largely due to the correct protein nutrition and complete recovery.

If the body does not have enough time to recover (daily high-intensity fitness training), if you increase dramatically the weight of the shells or did more approaches than usual, you will lose strength and muscle, which is constantly exposed to the load and which is constantly torn fibers will swell. Symptom: severe pain in certain parts of muscle groups (those who most intensively worked), sensation of “burning” muscles, and along with this may also experience a real increase in body temperature, increased blood pressure, complete lack of energy, impaired coordination, and dizziness, headaches, nausea, drowsiness with inability to sleep normally. Feel a complete set or at least three or four of the following symptoms? Put exercise for weight loss (or two) for later that the body is fully recovered.

4. Waiver fitness training for girls: painful menstruation

This reason applies only to female, but not male. For some girls skip a workout once a month is quite common, the cause of which are too painful menstruation. Some critical days occur only with minor ailments, and in those days they simply replace the high-intensity training more easily (without a large operating weight, without load on abs and lower back), jog, yoga or Pilates. But others suffer from dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), when it is difficult not to go to the gym, and simply get out of bed.

If severe pain in the first days of the monthly cycle is not caused by some disease, and you are the norm (which must confirm a gynecologist!), then you should really abandon classes at this time. Workout for weight loss these days will bring neither pleasure nor desired result, as you will not be able to commit. And too big intensity movements may cause more bleeding, which is very dangerous. If you decide to do, pick a gentle set of exercises, eliminating the load on the abdominals and lower back, choose loose clothing and exercise in well ventilated room to avoid oxygen starvation.

5. Don’t go to workout for weight loss after drinking alcohol

You drank, it would seem, not so much the day before. You think that you are “in shape” to attend a training. And the training will be held in the morning and in the afternoon. But this is precisely the case when the deceptive vigor may result in failure. If before you used a sufficient amount of alcohol, just do not need to torture the body with additional exercise. Alcohol disrupts the vestibular system: you have impaired coordination and slowed reaction. While working on the equipment or with equipment that leads to injuries.

In addition, the body severely dehydrated, and further moisture will be lost during intense exercise. This can lead to dizziness, severe shortness of breath, nausea, and even fainting. Heart speeding up its beating during physical work, will try to run too thick (because of dehydration) blood in a circle, literally overwrought at the same time, and it is very dangerous. Finally, the alcohol long enough excreted from the body, and the liver is experiencing increased stress, trying to filter out and neutralize it as quickly as possible. At this time, blocks the production of glucose, which is so necessary for our muscles and the entire body to work at the gym. Think twice, is it not better to lie down and restore power and water after the party than to go to the gym?

If you “caught” some of these five reasons, can with a clear conscience to postpone the gym bag on the shelf — until the next time. Better to skip one workout, but not to cause the damage to your health. Cure injury, having recovered from a cold, completely recovered, you can always catch up to be in shape!

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