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5 fitness clubs in Moscow with a free guest visit

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5 fitness clubs in Moscow with a free guest visit

Moscow is a city of lively and energetic people – those who are not afraid of any difficulties and loads. However, to support high performance, stay in shape and arrive in a good mood is very difficult. The only “energy drink”, which is able to give it all at once – the sports or fitness clubs, offering a balanced and effective workout. Here only, alas, not all of them meet those requirements, that they themselves declare. To identify inconsistencies, of course, possible at first (guest) to visit. But it is in most clubs. In most, but not all.

So especially for you, our dear readers, MedAboutMe portal has prepared a selection of institutions that do not only promise, but also embody promises in life. Meet our TOP 5 fitness clubs with a free first visit.

“Adrenaline” is your No. 1!

“Adrenaline” – is not just a fitness club, it is a network of sports institutions, family-oriented visit. Classes are available to everyone, regardless of age, income level and physical fitness. In addition to direct fitness (individual and group) there are also cardio exercises and martial arts. The younger generation can enjoy fitness, dancing (from hip hop to break), baby yoga and capoeira. After class, clients can pass the time in the sports bar and relax in the massage and SPA. For fans to fully relax available vertical solariums and saunas.

All classes are taught by certified instructors, detailed information on which you can easily find on the pages of the website.

Planet Fitness is for those who are not accustomed to give up

One of the most popular networks fitness-clubs in Moscow consistently offers quality service and “tasty” offer for the whole family. It’s funny, but in one of fitness clubs in the new year will be celebrated in advance on December 18. Use your trial lesson to not only exercise, but to walk on a club party.

Flexibility and plasticity contribute to a diverse program of yoga, dance, Pilates, step aerobics, etc. those who Wish to bring their body in order offers personal and group training gym, fitness exercises and an individual program from a qualified professional that can help you quickly and steadily lose weight/increase muscle mass.

ZUMboom – life at their own pace

If the standard workouts in a regular gym you are already tired, it’s time to pay a visit to “ZUMboom”. A swirling mix of Latin dance and fitness exercises at least for a while will pull out you from daily routine and allow “turning off” the head, just move at your own pace in a new light and feel your body.

Customers have a choice of regular and corporate fitness, personal training and a full range of training, as well as a range of services from the development of integrated shares prior to the implementation of the entire fitness activities.

Alex Fitness: be active!

There is a perception that sport is a painstaking and exhausting work, on yourself, your body and spirit. However, the employees of the network of fitness clubs Alex Fitness do not think so. In their opinion, well-chosen physical activity is a pleasure that can be taken, which will be impossible to refuse. All the doubters they are ready to demonstrate it in person.

Clients have access to both group and individual lessons. Anyone can try their hand at various dance, martial arts, and also in the area of “Mind and Body”, aimed at finding harmony between body and mind.

The youngest guests of the club can have a fun time playing in the nursery or engaging in sports programs tailored specifically for children. Parents after fruitful hours of study expects fitness bar with delicious and healthy smoothies.

Energy – source of positive energy at all times

The fitness Studio is perfect for family workouts. Here every member of your family will find activities to their liking. Adults – fitness, strip-plastic and several dance styles to choose from (including Pole-danse). Teens will like a children’s fitness and youth dances. And the kids can have fun in group classes and children’s dance. Glad there will be those who are just planning to create a “cell of society”: the pairs of classes and staging a wedding dance will give future spouses dozens of unforgettable hours.

Of course, the above-described fitness clubs and studios in the capital not only offer a free guest visit. Know more? Leave comments under the article – will share it with the people!

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