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5 facts about the benefits of riding

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Classical forms of fitness such as a gym, running and swimming seem boring to many. Someone goes to the gym, but is still constantly in search of active entertainment on free days. Riding cannot be called fitness in the classical sense of the word, but training provides serious physical activity for the whole body. This information about the benefits of horse riding for adults and children, five indisputable advantages of amateur activities in equestrian centers.

If traditional fitness is not for you, or it is not enough for you, then pay attention to non-trivial sports, for example, horse riding. The benefits of training on a horse are not obvious, but it is present. There is no task to strain yourself, lose weight or build muscle, the priority tasks are training to interact with the horse, then – mastering the exercises with it. In this case, to achieve the goals you have to work hard, spend a lot of calories, use not only muscles, but also the brain.

The first trainings will be very difficult, your body will have to perform actions unfamiliar to it. Very soon, the load will become habitual, and you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the new hobby for health and figure. The first of the tangible effects is a reboot for the brain, because you need to interact not with a mechanical machine, but with a living animal, big and smart, understanding. If the training takes place outside the city in the open, fresh air will increase the benefits of horse riding, especially for women and men who are used to spending most of the day indoors. Consider five universal reasons to join the equestrian sport.

girl with a horse

Excellent posture

Correct riding on a horse is, first of all, the position of the back, the obligatory basics that everyone goes through. In order to maintain position, the muscles of the back, as well as the abdomen and thighs, work. The thigh muscles are included in the static-dynamic mode when the part is tense and motionless, and the part contracts and strains. The muscles on the stomach and back will be static, they need to hold the spine right from the neck to the tailbone. This is how the human body holds a direct position in everyday activities.

The ability to maintain correct posture in any situation comes naturally, at first no one notices. But if you look at a professional rider when he is not in the saddle, you will immediately notice the statism: an inverted stomach, straightened shoulders, a raised chin. After the first workouts, the muscles will ache a little, this indicates that they are relearned. To consolidate the skill, you need to attend classes 2-3 times every week. Especially tangible benefits of riding are shown for children, their posture is only being formed, they will retain the skill for life.

direct posture on horseback

Muscle building

Often, swimming is the ideal muscle training without stress on the joints. Many do not know that this also applies to equestrian sport. In the classroom, there is an effective strengthening of the core, which cannot be achieved with standard dynamic exercises. The loads will go to the abdominals, buttocks, quadriceps, calves, as well as the adductors of the thighs, which are on the inner surface and are a problem area for many girls. The upper shoulder girdle will also be included in the work, while the joints will remain safe.

Some girls refuse such an opportunity to tighten the body, as they are afraid that their legs will become crooked from the saddle. Several generations of people believe in this myth, but few people bother to ask an expert a question. Riding can change the shape of the legs only if you sit in the saddle from childhood and spend at least 8-12 hours a day on a horse. The joints and bones of children are plastic, they can not withstand such a long exposure, but this does not threaten a modern adult, nothing will happen for a couple of hours of classes per week. As evidence, you can see photos of athletes who have been involved in equestrian sports from an early age. Seeing their smooth and beautiful legs, you will be convinced that horseback riding for women is only beneficial.

Stress relief

Even after a short horseback ride, people feel different: they no longer have anxiety, thoughts calmly flow in their normal course, there is a pleasant relaxation. The reason is that they got rid of the accumulated stress. They knew about this in ancient times, Hippocrates urged melancholy people to ride horses more often in order to get more positive outlooks on life. In the 20th century, it became known that interaction with dogs and horses accelerates recovery after surgery. This fact led to the emergence of a new direction in psychotherapy called hippotherapy.

The basis of therapy is in teaching how to handle a horse, observing animals, and interacting with them.

Horses are called smart animals because they can test emotions and express them. They, like people, have different temperaments and a changeable mood. An experience of interacting with an animal larger and stronger than itself will be useful to humans, during the training it will be necessary to learn how to negotiate without words. The impact is due to tactile contact, you constantly feel the warmth of a living being, you feel the rhythm that beats the heart of a huge animal. Due to all this, the emotional background is balanced, calm is transferred to ordinary life, all household stresses become less significant.

Increased attention span

A valuable skill that will always come in handy comes along with reaction speed. Being in the saddle, you need to constantly maintain balance, notice all the objects around and quickly respond to external circumstances. The rider uses his body to give the horse a command for action. All commands are non-verbal: direct the bridle to the right or left, lean forward or backward, rise on stirrups. In order to give such a command, you need to own your body, to give it on time – to have a quick reaction and a high concentration of attention.

horseback riding

For any age

Discovering the benefits of riding is available for adult men and women, as well as for children. If we are not talking about sports, but about recreational riding, then there are practically no health restrictions. People with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine, adults and children with autism and cerebral palsy, elderly people with limited body mobility can ride a horse in a measured step under the supervision of a mentor. It is with limitations in mobility that horse riding is especially recommended, because this is the way to strengthen muscles without having to lift your body weight.

With limited mobility, excess weight accumulates, knee and hip joints begin to hurt, it is not only a load on them, but also a poor blood supply. The condition becomes an obstacle to running and exercising in the gym, as a person cannot even walk for long. The exit will be swimming or recreational riding. Despite the limitations, the body will move, movements do not occur at the expense of their own legs and arms. The body temperature and pulse of the horse is higher than that of a person, so in the saddle the temperature of the person’s body rises slightly, and the pulse accelerates. The same thing happens as during a standard sports training.

The benefits of riding are, first of all, healing, physical and emotional. In addition, competitions for fans are held in this sport. Their participants do not pretend to be professional, they just love horses and benefit from interacting with them.


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