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5 facts about calories you don't know

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In order to get rid of extra pounds and maintain a stable body weight, you need to count calories. The same should be done when building muscle mass and drying the body after it. You can carefully keep a food diary, read the label of each product, weigh all the portions, but still miscalculate and not get the desired result. Most likely, you do not know these facts about calories. Check with them, and this information will help you properly manage your diet.

In order to lose weight, you need to count calories, the same is needed to stabilize body weight. When you gain muscle mass, you also have to count calories, as well as on drying after it. You can be very attentive to your diet, but still make a mistake and not achieve the desired result. Check out these important facts about calories, they will help to properly manage the diet.

Inaccurate label numbers

Each product has its energy value, but this value is not exact. Deviations up to 20% up or down are allowed. For example, in a protein bar with a declared 250 calories may contain from 200 to 300 calories. Therefore, you need to guide not only numbers, but also your own feelings.

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Calorie-Free Foods

Marking "0 calories" can be used for products that contain no more than 4 calories per serving. Such a small amount of calories does not matter, but the size of portions may not be what you imagine them to be. Therefore, you do not need to add a few bags of sweetener to tea or coffee and believe that it does not contain calories.

You can burn calories without doing anything

Calories burn not only during physical activity, even when you lie without movement, the body still spends energy. Digestion of food, breathing, transportation of blood through the body – all processes in the body require energy. The number of calories you spend at rest is called the basal metabolic rate. This indicator must be considered in fitness.

When calories are not enough, you do not lose weight

It would seem that everything is logical – the less calories in the diet, the faster you will lose weight. But the human body is very complicated, and with an excessive decrease in calorie intake, it goes into starvation mode. At the same time, all metabolic processes slow down, the basal metabolic rate decreases. In this state, it is impossible to lose weight, moreover, you can gain even more excess weight.

On average, the minimum calorie intake for an adult is 1,200 calories per day.

Simulators lie

It's a shame, but it is. Smart treadmills and exercise bikes show how many calories you spent for the approach, but these numbers are not accurate. On average, cardio activity simulators overestimate calorie consumption by 20%, but if we evaluate separately elliptical trainers, the difference can be up to 42%. Training can be measured by duration, number of sets made, kilometers traveled, but not according to the calorie consumption indicated on the screen.


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