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5 exercises to prepare for strength training

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Before you start working with weights, you will need to find the starting physical training. Improve your form with these exercises, then move on to strength training.

If you are in bad physical shape, you will not be able to proceed immediately to the hard training. Before you start working with weights or carry out high-intensity workouts, you need to increase your athletic prowess. These five exercises will be able to perform even one who has never played sports, they will help you get in shape and prepare for more serious loads.


The basic exercise involves the whole body and requires no equipment. Lightweight version of a burpee will be able to perform even a child or elderly person. The better the physical training, the more repetitions he can perform in the approach is an effective way to increase your endurance and strengthen all muscle groups.


If a person says that he can’t do squats due to problems with the joints, then most likely he doesn’t know how to squat correctly.

If you can squat in real life, so you’ll be able to squat in training, it is the opinion of the sports instructors.

Squats not worsen the condition of the tribes, by contrast, regular performance strengthens muscles and joints, range of motion and flexibility of the knee joints becomes higher.


The advantages of push-UPS is obvious in the first place this high variability. People in bad physical shape you can start to do push-UPS standing against a wall or in push-up position with support on your knees if classic push-UPS seem too difficult, the load can be increased by placing hands or feet on the hill. Any type of pushups will be useful, even the easiest, this exercise strengthens the shoulder girdle and the joints of the hands and visibly improves posture.


One of the best exercises in order to balance the upper body and improve your fitness. Many could not how to catch up in school and maintains negative attitude to this exercise. Now they absolutely do not want to catch up and miss an important aspect in sports training. In school I was not puzzled on the subject of training the pull-UPS, now in adulthood, you can go to the pull-UPS consciously and to start with the simplest versions, for example, to learn to catch up on a low horizontal bar.

Jumping on the hill

Plyometric exercise to increase explosive power, strengthen the muscles on the legs, stretching the hips and buttocks. First you need to choose a small hill, suitable step-up platform, then you need to increase the height and do the exercise at an accelerated pace.

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