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5 exercises to build powerful shoulders

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The theme of muscles known to men. Beautiful large shoulders add them confidence, courage. In training we need to work through all areas of the deltoid muscle and hands to keep your body balanced. Let’s look at what exercise you need for powerful shoulders and what face the newcomers.

The term “shoulder muscles” mean Delta. It is located above the biceps, at the point of attachment of the arms to the body. Partially used muscle of the trapezoid. The part consists of 3 major parts – the rear, front and middle. They are placed in a triangle. During training the emphasis is on medium, as it is the largest by volume.

For pumping the deltoid muscle is not enough 1-2 exercises. To work area at different angles. But do not forget that the wrong exercises can hurt the shoulder joint.

Errors in training

To make a powerful shoulders should be long and hard to do. Some guys choose self-training, which ultimately did not bring a good result. Experienced athletes have identified 2 major mistakes while leveling zones:

  • Improper technique – fully loaded upper limb, but not Delta. For the trapeze, back and hands can be low weight or the wrong type of exercise. So they get overloaded and hurt.
  • Large load on Delta – small muscle groups not have time to recover, which does not allow the athlete to perform normal exercises.

Usually at the gym is split into legs, back, arms and Delta. When training the upper body are involved different departments of the deltoid muscle. After the lesson the athlete rests for about 2 days, which is too little for a normal recovery. As a result, the strength is not added and the volume also stands on the site.

Experienced bodybuilders and athletes argue that not all exercises are equally good.

There are movements that even with the correct technique gives the minimum result. Therefore, their execution is useless. And if you do have errors, it is possible to hurt the hands and the Delta.

During workouts are not recommended such exercises and actions:

  • Presses and pulls behind the head.
  • Work on the simulator Smith.
  • Put hands close to each other, especially when thrust to the chin and the bench press for the triceps.
  • Rotation of the body with weights.
  • Jumping with a barbell on the shoulders.

Effective exercises

To develop equally all parts of the deltoid muscle should be done in the complex there are two types of exercises:

  • Bench – the arms are raised with shoulder and elbow joints.
  • The rise – divorce due to the zone of the shoulders.

In the first type of exercises involve multiple joints, swinging triceps, and Delta. It is recommended to use a lot of weight, as are all the muscles. They are intended to increase strength and mass.

Breeding is an isolation exercise because it only focused on the shoulder joint. Helps to make the terrain detail, the formation of the muscles of the shoulders. Weight taken small that the technique was correct.

A press of a bar sitting

Helps harmoniously and smoothly to develop the front and middle of the Delta. It can be done sitting and standing. The exercise consists of the following movements:

  • Sit on a bench and slightly bend at the waist.
  • Need a barbell wider than shoulder width for direct grip.
  • In the initial position the neck at the level of the clavicles and a little pressed against his chest, elbows bent down.
  • Legs on width of shoulders, feet in parallel.
  • Slowly raise the barbell overhead, arms straight, slowly drop back. Keep an eye out for the process does not need to be one point ahead.
  • The elbows come down and look in different directions.

If the exercise you do while standing, it is called the military press. It is not recommended to lower the rod below the chin, then there will be additional load on the joint. Lowering it to the chest may lead to injuries.

A good alternative exercise for powerful delts is the dumbbell bench press standing. The principle perform here is the same, only the gear does not fall below ear level. Dumbbell kept on the basis of the palms, and not on the pads.

Thrust rod to the chin

Focus on all beams and trapezius muscles. The wider the grip, the further shifting load center on the Delta. The correct technique:

  • To take the bar at shoulder level and the top grip.
  • You need to stand straight and slightly bend at the waist.
  • In the starting position your arms should be straight, and the neck to the hips.
  • Smoothly throughout the body of the rod is raised to the chin. In this situation linger for a couple seconds and drop.
  • The elbows should be above the fretboard.

Mahi dumbbells standing

Considering the front and middle part of the Delta. To perform the exercise you will need two dumbbells in each hand:

  • Stand upright, back straight. Only work the shoulders.
  • Just a slight bend at the waist and a slight tilt forward.
  • Your arms should be straight in front of body and slightly bent at the elbows.
  • Rise from the body to the side.
  • The shells should not be above shoulder level. But the rear part of the dumbbell is located at the front of the Delta, so the brush needs a little twist.
  • The hands return to the starting position.

Mahi dumbbells in the slope

Done for development of the rear deltoid muscle:

  • In each hand is a dumbbell.
  • The body leans to the back was parallel to the floor.
  • The legs slightly bent in knees, arms straight and down.
  • Gradual breeding in hand.
  • The rear part of the dumbbell should be higher than the front, so the brush is rotated. At the highest point of the second hold and let go.

This same exercise can be done on the bench.

Variables lifting dumbbells in front of him

Develop the front and a little secondary Delta. To run it you need:

  • Take in each hand dumbbells. Starting position – the shells at the bottom and the legs are straight.
  • Vultures dumbbell in one line in front of the body, palms turned towards the body.
  • Right hand raised clearly in front of the body to the chin. Slowly returning. Then the left does the same movement. Should be buildup and sudden swings.

If you take a lot of weight, the arm should not be lifted above the shoulders. There will be no stress on the joints. For efficiency, it is better to do 2-3 sets.

Options complexes

To pump the shoulder muscles need to do different exercises, not to focus on one area and give to rest to the division. Experienced athletes offer a four-day split of these exercises:

  • Day 1 – 3-4 steps on his feet.
  • Day 2 – chest, front Delta. It is recommended that the military press or dumbbell, lifting hands in front of him.
  • Day 3 –the emphasis is on the muscles throughout the back and 1 exercise for rear Delta.
  • Day 4 – triceps, biceps, middle Delta. Recommended thrust rod to the chin and swings to the side.

There are three days of complexes. Practicing on a specific zone to do 1-2 exercises for the deltoid muscle. Then it will be the body to develop harmoniously, without tension. Exercises should be changed regularly.

To make the upper body more, but without much increase in muscle mass suggest training chest, Delta, back. At every training session these areas are worked separately. All exercises are done for 4-5 sets. They warm-up 2-3 and 1-2 workers, where the weight increases.

For the overall development of the shoulders it is recommended that this program:

  • The military press standing.
  • Raising the hand to hand standing and focusing.
  • Frontal lifting barbells over your head.
  • Shragi the post.

To increase width, make this complex:

  • Breeding hand in hand.
  • The vertical thrust.
  • Bench in the simulator Smith, suitable only for experienced athletes.
  • Allocating hands to the side on the block.
  • Sragi with dumbbells.

On the rear do:

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells in focus.
  • The rise of hand-to-hand.
  • Bench sitting.
  • Cross-pull.
  • Shragi the post from behind.

Strength training that brings the power in the shoulders is:

  • The military press.
  • The vertical thrust.
  • Shragi the post.

All training programs should be based on the combination of a vertical bench press and isolation exercises. It is recommended to take the average weight, but watch out for appliances. Then the deltoid muscle is to grow and not be damaged.

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