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5 benefits of the elliptical

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5 benefits of the elliptical

The elliptical or ellipsoid, called the special trainerthat simulates walking or running. This device has become quite popular among fitness enthusiasts. Why? The fact that the ellipsoid has a number of advantages in comparison with classic Jogging or speed walking.

Joint health

Despite its benefits, running has a negative effect on the leg joints, especially the knee. Wrong shoes, cover the stadium or the running pace can lead to diseases and injuries of the joints. The developer of the elliptical trainer have set a goal to reduce the negative effects of running on the joints when filmed his daughter, who ran next to the car. And he did it.

Studies have shown that training on the ellipsoid helps in the prevention of injuries of joints and tendons. While training on the elliptical is similar to a simple run across the level of stress on the cardiovascular system, develop lactic acid, degree of saturation of the tissues with oxygen.

Exercise the weak muscle groups

It has been proven that the elliptical much more than running and walking, loads the quadriceps, or quads. This muscle forms the anterior surface of the thigh and consists of four heads. Exactly the degree of natrenirovannosti and elasticity of the quadriceps will depend on the shape of the thigh.

In addition, during the research it was established that the elliptical encourages better coordination of quadriceps and hamstring tendons, which is very important for athletes, cyclists and runners.

Pumping up the gluteal muscles

Orbitrek load the gluteus Maximus muscle, the main muscle of the gluteal group, the lateral wide thigh muscle. These muscles are very difficult to pump, even fitness professionals. That is the ellipsoid helps you to train those muscle groups.

Higher training effectiveness

The structure of the simulator, the athlete is forced to make broad steps, which increases the load on the muscle groups of the legs, thus burning more calories. It increases the intensity weight loss. This increase in body burden is not felt subjectively.

Connection to training other muscle groups

The body position of the athlete on the ellipsoid contributes to muscle tension in the belt of the upper extremities and the so-called core muscles, or corset muscles. These include muscles, straight and oblique abdominal muscles, spinal muscles and muscles that form the rear surface of the buttocks. Therefore, exercise on the elliptical is a combination of aerobic exercise and weight training.

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