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4 ways to keep in shape this fall

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When it gets cold out there, people become less active and begin to gain weight. The main task of the autumn is to spend more calories, this will help four exciting classes.

With the onset of autumn people become less active, spend a few calories and start to worry about the appearance of excess weight. In order not to gain weight this fall, you need to find ways to spend a lot of calories. Each of these sessions will be exciting and will allow you to maintain form.

Sign up for salsa

The salsa dance can become an active hobby for the autumn-winter period. Learn to dance salsa can people of any age and any body type. During lessons you will get aerobic exercise, increase your endurance and burn huge amount of calories. With increasing training in salsa students go to another class, with each class the workouts become more intense and allow you to spend more calories.


In autumn open water is no longer attracted, the water was too cold to swim. Thus lakes and rivers now perfect for kayaking, autumn was created on the banks of ponds stunning scenery that will please you during training. Activity kayaking takes a lot of energy and has the property to relieve from stress.

Swimming in the indoor pool

If surface waters become too cold for swimming, so we go to indoor pools. In order to spend more calories in the pool, it is necessary not just to swim alone, and to register for group programs, for example, on Aqua aerobics. The number of calories expended will depend on the type of exercise, intensity allows you to spend in one visit to the pool to 500 calories.

Water sports are antidotes to stress.

Yoga has gained its popularity not just because the training bring benefits to physical and mental health. Any yoga allows you to feel fresh and energetic after practice, different areas rely on different things – increased body flexibility, muscle strength, and awareness. In order to spend more calories, you need to choose the most active forms of yoga with the dynamic exercises.

Each of these four classes is a great alternative for those not attracted to traditional workout. If running and the gym seem like too boring, the dancing, kayaking, swimming or yoga will help you spend calories this fall.

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