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4 truths about fitness that you don’t like

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Fitness is not fun, but work on yourself, you have to be ready for it. Before you start fitness training, you need to know these four things. In them the whole truth about fitness.

Everyone wants to make fitness simple and fun, but it’s not always the case. In order to achieve results, need to work on yourself without breaks and to assess upcoming training objectively, without embellishment. These four truths about fitness classes nobody likes, but they need to know in advance

Fitness takes time

Visible results can be achieved for a week or even a month. Body appearance reflects a long-term human behavior, it is impossible to recover strongly over the week, similarly, it is impossible for a week to lose weight. Extra pounds and poor health is the result of years of complacency, to get in shape then in a month is impossible. If fitness classes to support a healthy lifestyle, the first results will become noticeable after a couple of months, but this is only the beginning of work on oneself.

Magic pills or procedures do not exist

There’s no media, pill or procedure that would instantly be in better shape. Some supplements can give short term positive results, but the effect disappears almost immediately after the cancellation of the reception means or the end of the course. Nobody likes to go the extra mile and spend time, if you can get the result immediately. But if you decided to do fitness, you should understand that the work and spent time for myself is the only tools that help.

You will not be able to do at the gym, if you don’t like it

You can force yourself to do something through force once, perhaps several times, but not in the long run. Any motivation over time can dry out, so fitness classes need to be liked. The good news is that fitness is very variable, there are many ways to enjoy it. Proper nutrition can be delicious and enjoyable, the same goes for training. If you don’t like the gym, don’t force yourself, take over classes at the gym swimming or playing tennis.

Choosing the program of training and nutrition, you need to count on its long-term compliance.
You’ll have to do what you don’t like

Fitness should be enjoyable, but you still have to do things we don’t like. Every person like his strengths, if man by nature is flexible, it will be like classes on stretching, but no program can be restricted to stretching. Runners tolerate endurance training, but it is difficult are weight training, there are no people who are perfect in every way. Everyone wants to avoid showing their weaknesses, but if you avoid it permanently, weaknesses forever and will remain such.

The truth about fitness may seem unpleasant, but better to know it in advance. An objective approach to fitness will allow you to deal with them without frustration and after some time to see the results of their labors.

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