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4 secrets from sports psychologists

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Knowing these secrets will be useful not only in sports, they help to succeed in any of the areas of life. In big sport, success depends not only on skill and natural data, psychology plays an important role. If an athlete does not believe in his strength, then he will not be able to win, if he does not know how to survive defeats, then his career will end before he starts. Sports psychologists share knowledge and techniques on how to maintain motivation and survive periods of boring routine.

These recommendations will be useful to everyone, it does not matter how large-scale goals you set for yourself.

Concentrate not on the result, but on the way to it

If you are too much puzzled by the achievement of the result, then you will not be able to relax and show everything that you can do. Sports psychologists advise in each training session to focus on the mechanics of each action. A footballer should not be puzzled to think whether he will score the ball or not, his attention should be concentrated only on an accurate hit, hitting the ball is a simple action that he performed hundreds of times.

Support comrades

This applies not only to team sports, but also to people who run with you on adjacent tracks in the gym. Misunderstanding and conflict situations interfere with productive training, reduce personal and team performance. Understanding and support, by contrast, build self-confidence and success. It is important to understand that everyone has the right to make mistakes; the training process cannot take place without mistakes.

friend support

Control your breath

This is not only important for following the right technique, breathing is a stress management tool, one of the few effective mechanisms that is so easy to control. Through inhalations and exhalations, you can both relieve stress and inadvertently increase it. Shallow shallow breathing deprives the internal organs of a sufficient amount of oxygen, creates internal panic and reduces psychological stability. With even breathing, the psyche becomes calmer, and the body receives an even rhythm to perform actions.

With even breathing, there is less chance of succumbing to emotions, you will better control your behavior.

Broaden your horizons

If you were interested in the life of professional athletes, but you probably noticed that many of them have hobbies. They give a lot of money and energy to their hobby, they often develop in another area as actively as in sports. From the outside, this may seem like a whim, but having a hobby and self-realization in another area is another secret from sports psychologists. Adhering to this recommendation, professionals are distracted from their main activity, broaden their horizons, find inspiration and strength to move on.

It would seem that in common between golf and diving, but golf champion Tiger Woods is seriously involved in diving and spearfishing. Mike Tyson raises pigeons, which is even more unexpected, David Beckham is engaged in fencing. This is not just entertainment, but a hobby, the difference is in taking it seriously, striving for development, getting new skills that can come in handy in a career and other life moments. The presence of a serious hobby allows you to survive failures and move on, it deprives the feeling that without sports this world will collapse.


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