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4 effective exercises for gyrosigma workout

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fitness expert and founder of the brand Rakamakafit: “In fact, our fat depots are the storehouse of energy which the body was postponed until the worst of times. And when losing weight, the main task is to convince the body to begin to expend this reserve. To do this you must create a small calorie deficit from food and surprise the body with new fat burning workouts that should be as energy-consuming and based on certain principles.

Intense rate

Exercise should increase the heart rate and breathing become more frequent. Such loads increase the metabolic rate, causing the body to expend more intense oxygen, which helps to oxidize and break down fat cells.

The load on the whole body

To burn maximum calories, most effective way to train the entire body in the complex. Proven that workout call total body for maximum metabolic response. So be sure to include in class exercises on different muscle groups and not focus only on problem areas.

Moderate weights

One of the main goals gyrosigma training — creating a shortage of glucose in the body. In this case, the body will have to take over the main energy source our fat stores. It is therefore necessary to choose such weight that you will be able to complete 10-15 repetitions of exercises in an intense pace. Bigger and heavier in this case does not mean better. A good option of sports equipment will serve as a rubber band or small weight dumbbells and weights.

Below are circuit training aimed at fat loss. This complex efficiently activates the major muscle groups. Perform each exercise one after another in an intense rhythm without pause. At the end of the circle (it consists of four exercises) rest 2 minutes — and again in fight! You must make at least three, and better five such circles.”

Breeding hands from behind the head with simultaneous kicks to the side

This exercise is particularly effective when using additional resistance, for example rubber belts. Attach one tape on the feet, the other take in hand. Stand straight, feet shoulder width of the pelvis, back straight, hands lifted up. On the exhale, spread your arms out as much as possible in hand, slightly bending them at the elbows. At the same time execute the swing leg to the side, overcoming the resistance of the tape. On the inhale return to the starting position and repeat exercise on the other leg.

Reps: 20 (each movement).

Of stepping over the half squat

The position of the half squat step first right then left. Make sure your knees are turned outwards, don’t slouch.

Reps: 20 (each way).

Burpee with jump up

Put your feet on width apart, hands freely along the body. On the inhale, sit down, bring the body forward and lower your knees. Then put your hands on the floor in front of him, shifting on their body weight. Lower torso down to touch the floor with your belly. Otomis and a jump bring the legs back to the squat with support on hand. From this position jump up, making the clapping hands above head. Take a step back and repeat the exercise.

Repetitions: 15.


From a prone position on the floor raise your body to her knees. Feet all the time are weight. The gluteal muscles and the pelvic floor — this is your center of gravity. Try not to slant our lower back and not the lower legs. The rise of the case do on a deep exhale.

Repetitions: 20.

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