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3 winter workouts for burning calories

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Burn calories in the winter it is possible not only in the gym, the most fun and wholesome fun are waiting for you on snowy streets. Three is the best workout for the cold season.

For most people, reducing temperatures and snowfall are signals for the start of the winter hibernation. If you want to stay in shape all year round and not be faced with the problem of weight loss for the summer, winter hibernation is not for you. Burn calories in the winter it is possible not only in the gym, the most fun and wholesome fun are waiting for you on the snowy street. In the winter I do not get to run in shorts and t-shirt, swimming in open water, you are waiting for other workouts, these are the three most attractive of them.

Cross country skiing

Classes cross-country skiing, forced to work the whole body, including the cardiovascular system. High cardio promote intensive burning of calories an hour burn about 735 calories. Skiing is better than Biking, to promote the body forward will have to work not only feet, but hands.

When skiing cross-country skiing, you need to constantly maintain balance, the crucial factor is the grouping of the body to transfer weight from one foot to the other. Learn skiing, do simple exercises and soon you will be able to slide, exercise turns into a fun game. Try to glide on one foot for at least two minutes, then exercise will be a real test for endurance.

Running on snowy trails

Of course, it’s cold outside, but this does not mean that it is impossible to go for a run. The effort of running in the winter, will pay off closer to the summer. Winter does not need to focus on time, distance, speed, and spacing, just go out for a jog at least twice a week. To run on a snow covered trail is more difficult, with the need to constantly maintain balance, otherwise you fall into the snow.

In order that the weight is evenly distributed and the training was safe, try to do shorter steps. A shorter step will make your position stable. When you get used to running in the snow, it could be a little lengthened. Before you start running, take care of your security, you need winter running shoes with specialized sole and spikes. Running shoes should be waterproof, otherwise after every run, you go back with wet and rubbed feet.

Warm-up before the winter run should be particularly careful, must begin even in the room.
Snow boots

Movement on snowshoes is a more fun kind of Hiking. To learn how to walk on snowshoes is much easier than on skis. You don’t have to worry about what you can crash into a tree or pole, snowshoeing can be easily given even to those who have problems with coordination of movements. With snowshoes exploring the potential to expand significantly, you will be able to get where it is impossible to walk.

Snowshoeing is not much different from ordinary walk, the more snow the better, the steps will become more confident. If you learn to walk on snowshoes through the familiar paths, you are able to go on them in real campaigns, to conquer steep hills. When choosing snow boots it is important to ensure that they can support your weight. To move on level ground suitable snow boots with flat surface, their system is less complicated and aggressive. If you are planning to travel around hills or steep paths, you will need snowshoes with metal teeth and other devices for coupling.

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