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3 types of body weights: determine your

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The human body is formed at the genetic level. There are currently 3 type – slim, athletic, full. Let’s see what characterizes these species and determine together what type of body you have.

The term “figure” refers to the proportions of the human body, especially the development of muscle, adipose and bone tissue. Shapes and sizes laid by genetics, and difficult to break. Over the life of the Constitution of man change, and often this is due to age-related changes. The reason why there’s sickness, exercise.

To learn the bone structure of the body can be measured wrist. For an adult ranges from 15 to 17,5 cm coverage characteristic of brittle, medium – 17,5-20 cm, strong – more than 20 cm, However, the person can combine different options. For example, the top skinny, and the legs are strong, and Vice versa. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the ankle.

The body types

Mankind are divided into 3 types by composition of the body:

  • Ectomorph.
  • A mesomorph.
  • Endomorph.

If you know and understand these varieties, you can easily fix a genetic predisposition and make a perfect figure.


It is a lean body type. This human skeleton consists of long and thin bones, lean muscles. Under the skin is low-fat. Metabolism they always crash. Calories burn quickly, so the person does not have a tendency to be overweight.

Its shape is not attractive enough to be a reference. But ecto type has the advantage of added weight is not fat, and muscles. Such people can quickly build muscle, recover after exercise, muscle groups respond to progressive load.

This addition is considered ideal for bodybuilding. The athlete will need a training scheme and compliance with the supply.

Overweight representatives of this species can only at strong overeating and eating unhealthy food.

This is a normal or athletic physique. Holders of this type have:

  • medium or wide bone;
  • muscular body, even without additional training;
  • the exchange processes they have average speed and a normal nervous system.
  • results are achieved quickly, so athletes often relax, give slack in training and nutrition.

If competently to make classes and to paint diet, for 2-3 years you can make a perfect figure. The person with the ectomorph body need twice the time to achieve the same result. A known representative of the athletes with that figure – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

People like the addition quickly and easily gain fat weight as muscle, so they of diets you should not forget. To bring the form in order it is recommended to start with cardio and finish with strength training.


Full prototype dry physique. This species is characterized by:

  • Soft and rounded forms.
  • A light set of muscle and fat mass.
  • Low rise.
  • Heavy weight loss.
  • Poorly muscled.

These people have extra pounds, but eat less calories than others. The fatty tissues appear when energy is less than consumed. The representatives of this type don’t move, they are slow and calm. They have a wide bone.

On the day they need to eat low carbs, but more to draw energy from fat. If you follow a drastic diet or cutting back calories, it will deteriorate the exchange process. And it’s even worse for the body.

For strength training, these people added kilos. The body regularly makes the reserves, and therefore, you receive body fat. In order to reduce the indicators recommended load of cardio with power exercises.

“Pure” ecto -, meso – and endomorph rare. Often people have mixed type. The main thing – to recognize what kind of shape the athlete and exert maximum effort to make it perfect.

Women’s physique

Women’s body types are classified as well. They fall under the General system, described above, but there is another gradation. My body type is an important and sensitive issue for girls. Identify the following:

  • Triangle.
  • The inverted triangle.
  • Hourglass.
  • Circle.
  • Square.

In some classifications, these positions are called the letters of the alphabet or a fruit. Depending on the type of body a woman getting training, food and clothing. In the forms of the weak half of mankind it is important to emphasize the elegance and natural roundness.


This is the traditional figure for women. Hips and shoulders same width, so the lower and upper body look proportional. Waist brightly highlighted. If a woman gains weight, fat deposits appear in breast area and hips. But if people lose weight, lower torso remains bent.


Characterized by the kind of massive thighs and buttocks. And the areas of the bust and the waist small. For this type of construction characteristic:

  • Slim leg and hands.
  • Short legs.
  • Large calves and ankles.
  • Accumulation of fat at the bottom.
  • Cellulite.

Have the body approximately 15% of girls appreciate men very attractive.

Inverted triangle

Here’s a picture opposite – a wide area of the shoulders and hips narrowed. The upper half of the body is less in length than the bottom. However, a large part of the body goes well with his skinny legs. All the extra pounds deposited in the upper torso. To determine this, you can type in:

  • The widest shoulders.
  • Flat buttocks.
  • Narrowed pelvis.
  • Below the knees the legs are skinny.
  • When the fullness of the body looks like a triangle.


This is a sports type of addition of the body resembles a boy. Chest, waist and hips almost the same. Girls with this shape have a flat buttocks. Main benefits long legs, a fast metabolism and difficulty gaining weight.


Girls of this addition have a wide area of waist and pronounced Breasts. Outwardly, it resembles an oval or a circle. Stored fat appears on the abdomen and legs are utilized in the least. These girls have a genetic predisposition to obesity. Pieces have smooth lines and curves.

Women and men body types are associated with growth. To change these parameters you need to exercise regularly under the supervision of a trainer and eat on the instructions of the nutritionist. In this case will change the genetic disposition.

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