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3 simple steps to getting rid of fat

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Being overweight is not only an aesthetic drawback, and the reason for internal contradictions, it is a disease that must be fought. To get rid of excess weight need to perform three steps.

The presence of excess weight cannot be considered as a lack of appearance and the cause for the development of psychological complexes. It is a disease that leads to the development and exacerbation of other diseases. Obesity is closely associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The first stage of getting rid of excess weight involves awareness of the seriousness of the problem. In order not to fill up the sad statistics of people with obesity and related diseases, you need to change your way of life. To get rid of excess weight need to take three steps:

  • Strength training – short loads of high intensity increase the rate of metabolism to get rid of body fat. Need only one workout per week;
  • A slight decrease in caloric intake – rigid restrictive diet will not help, you need to reduce your calorie intake to naturally get rid of fat. Excess weight accumulated over the years, so to lose it you need not abruptly, but gradually;
  • More random activity – as much as possible to move as little as possible to sit without movement.

Strength training

At the age of 20 to 70 a man loses at least a quarter of their muscle mass, running, Cycling and other aerobic sports will not help retain muscle. Maintaining muscle is very important, as every kilogram of muscle consumes about 200 calories every day. If you gain 4 pounds of lean muscle mass, for a year, it will help to destroy at least 25 pounds overweight. But if you eat same number of calories, then the loss of those 25 pounds will take a few years, so it is important not only to engage in power training, but also to revise the diet.

Reduction of caloric intake

The strong reduction in caloric intake leads to a slow metabolism, so strict diet for weight loss don’t work. With a deficit of calories the body consumes muscle mass to maintain energy levels while retaining fat. Reduce caloric intake gradually, making no more than 100 calories a day.

Calories should come from balanced nutrition for the maintenance of metabolism is important not only to the energy value of food, but also nutritious – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals.
More random activity

Fat cells are oxidized or burned to provide energy for activity. Daily physical exercise should not be high, but regular, they can be long walks, Jogging on the track or on the street, riding a Bicycle or using a stationary bike. For starters pretty much 100 minutes of activity a week you can then increase to 200 minutes or more. It is important to move, not to miss an opportunity to walk, to climb stairs, to do some exercises.

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