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15 best diet tips

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All the strategies and methods for weight loss can be summarized in a few simple tips. Adherence to these recommendations will bring sustainable results in safe for health fat burning.

Following the diet usually leads to short-term getting rid of excess weight. In order to lose weight and save the result, you need the right strategy to burn fat. All methods of safe disposal of excess weight can be summarized in six recommendations.

If you feel that your weight loss is nearing failure as soon as you can start to follow these rules:

  • Eating for 5-15 minutes before eating a glass of water or another healthy beverage without the calories. Liquid fills the stomach, and the meal will be less calories;
  • Don’t give up on the carbs, but them become very selective. Leave in the diet of exclusively whole grain products, give preference to buckwheat, barley and spelt;
  • Give up all sweet drinks, soft drinks and sweet juices inappropriate neither for weight loss nor health. If you drink plain water or tea without sugar you can’t taste, diversify the drink with slices of fruit;
  • Eat Breakfast every day, pay attention to this meal. The Breakfast needs to be protein, fiber and slow carbs, this meal stabilizes blood sugar levels and speeds up metabolism;
  • Fix the end of the meal. You can use chewing gum after you have eaten and chewed a piece of gum, you don’t have to intercept until your next meal;
  • Make camily, but do not overdo it;
    Relief in the diet should be carefully planned and not spontaneous.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks that are high in protein and fiber, for example, pumpkin seeds or raw almonds;
  • While most diets better to abandon the milk, if this applies to your diet, try to eat more greens and leafy vegetables. Herbs and vegetables make up the deficit of calcium, resulting by reason of the rejection of milk;
  • Cook more often at home, only cooked with his own hands the food will meet all of your requirements;
  • Give up fried foods, at least during diets, they are unhealthy calories;
  • Avoid the products of industrial processing, they contain many chemical additives and calories;
  • Be active, not only in the gym, and every minute of your waking. Do not miss the opportunity to move – walk the walk, don’t sit when talking on the phone, stop using elevators;
  • Judge not lost weight according to weight, and photos. The extra weight is not only fat but also water, so the numbers on the scale will constantly fluctuate. To assess progress on the photos objectively, with the same weight can look different.

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