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12 tips to help make your workouts more effective

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At the very beginning of training and regular trips to the gym, we begin to see the result in almost a couple of weeks. And it does not matter whether he really is or is it just a good old self-hypnosis. But only with time it begins to seem that the exercises no longer work as they did before, and the result is becoming less and less. Here are some ways you can make your workouts more effective.

Do exercises for all muscle groups

Want to pump up the buttocks? Swing your thigh and leg muscles. Firstly, it will affect more of the necessary muscles, and secondly, it will bring the body into shape much faster. And isn’t it much better when the whole body is pulled up, and not just some part? By the way, hand exercises with dumbbells work much better when the exercise is performed with one dumbbell. The body has to strain so hard to maintain balance, so it works better and harder.

Set priorities and develop a work plan

For example, if you want to pump up the perfect abs, but some muscles give in poorly, you will need to revise your training plan. For those muscles that are already inflated, you need to leave exercises that simply will maintain them in a stable state. For the rest, you will have to select exercises with increased load.

Do not waste too much time warming up

Warming up is very important before training, as it helps prevent muscle strain. Sometimes it turns out that people spend too much time on stretching, although it can be done in 5-15 minutes. The problem is that muscles can be warmed up quite quickly, and warming up will not give a greater effect – it will not help to build up legs, arms or back.

effective training

Eat some chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a special substance – epicatechin, which helps not to feel tired for as long as possible. So a few pieces of chocolate before training can be a great solution.

The same applies to chocolate milk. During training, you can drink 0.5 liters of low-fat and sweet milk, which will help to restore muscle faster and improve well-being.

Drink non-alcoholic beer after exercise

The good news is for those who like to sit in a bar but suffer remorse because of their figure.

Doctors from the sports department of the Technical University of Munich conducted a study that showed that non-alcoholic beer is useful after training.

They divided the participants of the marathon in half, and one of them had to drink half a liter of beer a day. It turned out that the polyphenols contained in beer help prevent inflammation and colds by 30%.

Change hand position

For example, with push-ups, widely spread arms help to strengthen the muscles of the chest more, and with a narrow setting, on the contrary, the muscles of the arms swing. You can also perform pull-ups with forward and reverse grip. Such permutations will help to work out the muscles at different angles and add relief.

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Do not get used to the same exercises and simulators

To constantly keep your muscles toned, you should not focus on one thing. Work your legs on one day of the week, arms on the other, back on the third, and press on the fourth. Also add weight: first do your own weight, then switch to dumbbells, and then to exercise machines. By the way, exercises with dumbbells work much better when the exercise is performed with only one dumbbell. So the body has to strain to maintain balance.

Stretch your hips every day

Constant sedentary work in the office creates tightness in the thigh muscles, which can lead to their slight stretching and require more time to work out. Therefore, it is worth doing exercises for these parts of the body every day (at least at home). For example, you can try lunges or bends to the legs.

Reduce your rest time

Strength exercises work better just in those moments when it seems that even a little bit and death. If after the approach you relax for a minute, then reduce this time to 20-30 seconds. For each next approach, add +10 seconds from the previous rest. Reducing respite will help burn more calories.

effective training

Do not eat an hour before training

Heaviness in the stomach can cause drowsiness, discomfort, and simply laziness.

Take your time with replays

Often at the end of one approach we get tired, so I want to finish these exercises as soon as possible. Because of this, there is an extra rush, improper execution and zero result. It’s better to do everything slowly but carefully.

Choose the right clothes and shoes

No, not to show off in front of everyone in the hall. Clothing should be made of synthetic materials that easily absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. There is no need to wear tight T-shirts or pants – they can constrain movements and bring discomfort. As for underwear, it should also be selected based on the above parameters: it should not be cramped, and the material should be breathable and absorbent (synthetics / silk). For girls with large breasts, special sports tops are suitable that will lock the chest in place. As for shoes, you should choose comfortable sneakers made of loose materials.


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