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12 clever ways to reduce calorie intake

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In order to lose weight and stay fit, you need to consume food with fewer calories than you spend. Calorie intake depends not only on the selection of products, but also on the method of preparation.

The caloric value of food depends not only on the components in its composition, but the method of cooking. The 12 culinary tricks will help you to reduce caloric intake.

Pasta al dente

The energy value of pasta depends on the cooking time. Hot water destroys the bonds between the molecules of starch, the longer the pasta is carried out in boiling water, the higher the glycemic index, that is, the faster eaten the body converts into energy. Cooked to al dente pasta provide a more steady and slow stream of energy.

The meat not from poultry, and beef

The diet of a bird is the Turkey, but the caloric value of ideas depends on the part of the carcass. The stuffing is ground not only white, but also gray Turkey meat and skin. The portion of meat turkeys weighing 200 grams will contain about 200 calories and 14 grams of fat, the same serving of ground beef contains only 150 calories and 6 grams of fat.

Spices instead of sauces

Sauces change the taste of food, as well as significantly increase their caloric content. Sauces contains not only a lot of calories and sugar, but loading dose of sodium. If cooking is more diverse, using different spices, the sauces need to be eliminated.

In extreme cases, you can use the Tabasco sauce, it’s hard to eat in large amounts, and sodium in a teaspoon does not exceed 2% of the daily value.
Not to fall into the trap of gluten-free

Especially when choosing flour for baking, flour beglyarova designed for those who have celiac disease, not for those who wants to lose weight. If you don’t have celiac disease, the presence or absence of gluten should not be the deciding factor. The user should choose a flour with a high content of fiber, for example, flour from brown rice or quinoa. Get the flour so that each portion cooked her meals had at least two grams of fiber.

Remove chicken skin

If you do not remove chicken skin before cooking, each serving will contain about 70 calories more. The skin makes the dish more fat, during cooking all the fat from the skin soaks into the meat.

Frying pans with non-stick coating

The better pans in your kitchen, the less fat you will have to use for cooking. If there is a need to grease the pan with oil, don’t lay it right out of the bottle, it is wiser to use a sprayer.

Paper towels for meat

After cooking meat and before serving, you need to blot each slice with paper towel or napkins. This portion will be at least four grams of fat less, calories will be significantly reduced.

Large pieces for roasting

If you need to fry the meat or vegetables you want to slice them as large chunks, the bigger a piece of the product – the smaller the area of its contact with the oil, the less oil and the calories in it will absorb. Also recommended before frying to dry the products in a dry condition the product will absorb less oil.

Soaking vegetables and fruits

Soaking vegetables and fruits before eating helps to get rid of pesticides, these substances affect the thyroid gland and the state of the body. When soaking starchy vegetables lose some starch and become less nutritious.

Do not drink alcohol before eating

If you drink an alcoholic beverage on an empty stomach, the absorption of alcohol will happen very quickly. Not only that, you will quickly feel it, your body will begin to use as a source of energy not their own fat, and alcohol. In addition, all alcoholic drinks are high in calories.

Adding vegetables in all products

The appropriate vegetables to add to soups, side dishes and other meals, after adding the vegetables the dish becomes richer in fiber content. The more fiber in the food the less food that is calorie need to absorb in order to feel satiety.

Not to abandon fat

The rejection of such products with fats, like nuts and whole milk products will not be appropriate. Fat in food products allows you to quickly feel full and stay full for a long time.

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