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10 typical mistakes of newcomers to the fitness training

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10 typical mistakes of newcomers to the fitness training

The contents

  • Monotonous fitness program
  • Lack of rest
  • Fear of strength training
  • The underestimation of the power loads
  • Little liquid
  • Improper technique of the exercise
  • Uneven study of the different muscle groups
  • The rejection of isolation exercises
  • Inadequate weight weights
  • Improper diet

Errors in working with weights can be expensive for the fitness enthusiast. From proper behavior in the gym depends not only efficiency, but also safety training. However, mistakes are made all — beginners and advanced trainees. Fully insured against errors, mistakes and false steps will not work. But you can exclude most typical of them — those that occur most frequently. If you go to the gym and watching lovers strength exercises, you can see that most bodybuilders allow the same type of error, which will be discussed below.

Monotonous fitness program

If you use the same fitness program for many months, progress will slow down or stop. You cannot get from muscle max anabolic response if you exercise program does not change with time. Muscles tend to adapt quickly to physical activity: repetitive exercises eventually become ineffective. In the military fitness is important variety. From time to time need to try new types of exercise to adjust the circuit exercise, experimenting with methods of increasing load intensity. You can change the order of exercises that combine two exercises in a superset or continuously vary the rate of exercise and number of repetitions. A fitness program can be updated in different ways, and this should be done every 1-1. 5 months.

Lack of rest

Too dense schedule with no rest days is another common mistake that visitors gyms. Daily intensive training sessions did not improve the result and lead to over-training and slow down progress. Muscles need proper rest: – free training days, muscle tissue heals microtraumas and increases the volume. Moreover, the break requires the entire body to recover and prepare for the new batch of sports. It is better to visit gym every other day. Rest days should be limited to morning exercises, from strenuous exercise should be avoided.

Fear of strength training

Many visitors of gyms are afraid to pump muscles strength training. Because of this they limit the power load and the result is progressing slower than it could. But the fear of girls in front of strength training without good reason: to build impressive muscles enough conventional strength training with an average weight. Even men have worked long and hard to work to give muscle volume and expressive relief. But the male body produces much more testosterone than women. Weight training does not turn girls into muscular jocks. Weight training gives a very different result: strengthened muscles, tightens problem areas body shape become more attractive roundness and elasticity.

The underestimation of the power loads

Some dieters come to the gym with the conviction that shaping enough cardio. They work hard in the sector of cardio equipment, completely ignoring the weights. This is an unfortunate mistake, because without strength training the process of weight loss is slower and gives the most brilliant results. It is not enough to burn fat, you also need to tighten sagging muscles and skin. And this is done with the help of power loads. In addition, we should not forget that cardio training burns not only fat but also muscles. Muscle loss can be prevented by combining cardio and work with weights. Allowed to combine them in one workout. It is better to use the following scheme: first the power unit, then the complex cardio.

Little liquid

Dehydration decreases performance, and the training becomes less effective. Going to the training, you need to have a small supply of water. It should quench your thirst small SIPS every 10-15 minutes.

Improper technique of the exercise

This is the most common and most dangerous mistake. A frivolous attitude to exercise entails an increased risk of injury and decrease the effectiveness of the training.

Uneven study of the different muscle groups

You cannot focus solely on the study of the problem parts of the body. Many women are so fond of pumping thighs and buttocks that completely forget about the arms, chest and back. Men, conversely, tend to pump a strong chest and bulky biceps, keeping in mind that a muscular torso with skinny legs just looks comical. Of course, you can shift the focus on the study of specific problem areas, but we must not forget about the other sections of the skeletal muscles. This does not mean that every workout needs to work out all the body as a whole. Although for beginners just fitness program “fullbody” is the most appropriate (elaboration of the whole body in one session). But subsequently it makes sense to switch to training in a split system, with workout 1-2 muscle groups per workout.

The rejection of isolation exercises

When performing basic exercises in the work involved at the same time a large number of muscles, and base allows you to use weights maximum weight. For an isolation exercises aiming pumped one muscle or group of muscles. Base — the Foundation of strength training, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the isolation exercises. Advanced athletes they help to Refine the muscle to get relief. Useful isolation and for beginners. To settle and get used to the power loads better with isolation exercises in the gym — here less likely to get injured.

Inadequate weight weights

Weight in exercises should match the level of fitness the fitness center. The use of projectiles too much weight entails a violation of the art and, consequently, reduce efficiency and increase injury.

Improper diet

Food is directly related to the training. Food provides energy for exercise and protein to build muscle. Style of nutrition just as important for building a beautiful figure as regular exercise and proper rest. In bodybuilding, everything is important: the composition of the diet, calories, eating. From food depends on muscle growth, the production of anabolic hormones, speed recovery between workouts.

Athletes allow other blunders: coming to training received in the Shoe, miss the banner at the end of the lesson, forgetting about the need to practice slowly and carefully, listening to the sensations and concentrating on every movement. These blunders must be avoided. In bodybuilding there are no trifles: any, seemingly insignificant nuance can affect the performance and safety of the training process.

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