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10 things that should not be allowed to do in the fitness club

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Rules of conduct in the gym

So, we all dream that was strictly forbidden…

1. Sitting in the gym resting

Okay, you finished a set, and you have a minute to recover. So back off! Sitting on the simulator, you’re depriving others of the opportunity to use it until you break.

2. Late for group classes

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How to behave at the gym? Not too difficult to calculate the time so as not to distract the rest, furnished a place, bringing the necessary accessories, installing the step-platform or flanera with “pancakes” for the rod, interfering with everything, came on time, follow the coach and his guidance. If you feel you are late more than 3-5 minutes, it’s better to miss a lesson. By the way, for his own sake: after a workout, you can get injured.

3. To give advice

Even if you’re a fitness guru, ate the pack of dogs in the classroom with free weights and developed a special technique of elaboration of the deltoid muscle of the back, keep your knowledge to yourself. Nobody likes it when outsiders begin to teach the life. In addition, people can exercise in a certain way because of the peculiarities of the body or for health reasons, and then your intervention will be offensive.

4. Doing endless selfies

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Yes, in most gyms good lighting and lots of mirrors. But people come here to do, and not to be photographed. First, the frame can get people who are absolutely not planning to find yourself in your Instagram. Second, mirrors are needed to control their movements during training. Thirdly, it just looks silly.

5. Arguing with the instructors

Remember: coaches are coaches, and the administration is the administration. If you at the appointed time the space is busy with other people, the schedule has changed suddenly, the cord broke, and while you were doing the leg press that someone “stole” your towel, you have every right to file a complaint at the Desk, call the Manager on duty and resolve the issues with him. But to make all claims coach — useless, inefficient, and unfairly creates discomfort not only an innocent man, but to all who are present at the same time.

6. Forget about deodorant

Forgive my frankness, but there are no people whose sweat does not smell. And if they are in the gym will be more, from fun exercise turns into torture. Take a shower before a workout, use deodorant and be sure to each time come to indulge in freshly laundered clothes. Stink is hell.

7. Not to clean up after themselves

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How to do at the gym? Took loose the weight back into place. Changed the weight of the simulator — return to the starting position. Mat, expander, whatever equipment that was required of you during class must be returned at the end of the process. Respect others, you probably don’t like to find you the things you need during a visit to the fitness club.

8. To take in the girls ‘ locker room boys older than 5 years

There is no reasons why grown your son, nephew or younger brother can be in the locker room with several naked older women. It creates discomfort for everyone and primarily — to the child. Not to mention the fact that in the women’s locker room, everyone wants to quietly change clothes and take a shower, instead of hiding behind a towel from prying eyes.

9. Talking loudly on the phone

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If the call is really important, go out in the vestibule, on the stairs or at the reception Desk, talk there. In the hall people focus on the classroom, and they are quite interesting to be distracted by your, “Well, what did he say? And you tell him that?”.

10. To arrange a SPA in the shower

The sports club is not the place for epilating, use coffee scrub, aromatic oils, essences and other selenomonas or soiling the premises cosmetic products. People can be allergic, the mixture of scents makes a shot in the cosmetic ad, and use the booths after such here fans to look after themselves just disgusting.

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