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10 things about fitness that you need to know in advance

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If you have started to do fitness, before you open a great opportunity. Check out these facts to understand the basics of fitness and start your journey with the right steps.

Fitness is the way to a beautiful body, the complexity of the path will depend on the approach. If you know these ten things about fitness, you will begin your classes correctly.

No need to lift the weight, you need to engage the muscles

Fitness is not powerlifting, so do not pay much attention to how much weight you can raise. You need to focus on the tension and relaxation of muscles, and proper technique. Concentrating on weight, you’ll be unconsciously to simplify the exercise, the muscles will not get the desired load.

Sports supplements is supplements

Manufacturers of sports supplements can claim that their products replace your meals most dishonest sellers say that their funds will be replaced even exercise. That’s not true, supplements are supplements to a healthy diet, their use is not mandatory.

None of the goals are not achieved quickly

You can’t lose weight or build muscle three weeks before the holiday, even if you train hard beforehand. In fitness consistency is important, any changes in the body come at least a few months.

losing weight will change you in every sense

When losing weight change will not only shape your body, change your relationship to food and yourself. You know that hunger is manipulating you and will find a clever way to remove it.

Habits and motivation are interdependent

To create a beautiful body you have to change habits. At first, people are driven by a strong motivation, then it becomes weaker, bad habits can outweigh.

To get up in the morning and going to the gym is a habit, to overeat harmful food is a habit.
Better eat less but more often

New to the fitness world tend to try to do everything at once – too much training, too much weight, too many additives. Focus on incremental progress, keep workouts less intense, but more regular.

The main thing is thinking

Physical tension in the body is very noticeable, but the thinking is more important than physical effort applied. You will never succeed in fitness, if you do not believe in your success.

Efforts will help to master any program

Two different people will master the same program for different periods, since each of its potential. Fitness does not exist unattainable goals, are those goals, think about which the moment before.

Someone will always be better

Fitness is not a suitable sphere for the manifestation of leadership qualities and makeovers. There is always someone who is better than you, and that’s fine.

You need to drink more water

Many people live with chronic dehydration and not even notice it. Water is essential to life, every cell in your body needs it, especially in fitness classes.

You need to breathe correctly

If something could be more important than water is oxygen. Most people do not breathe as it should, they have poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress and many other reasons for breathing problems. The lack of oxygen prevents the body to develop proper breathing should be deep so that when the inhalation volume has increased not only the thorax but also the abdomen.

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