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10 steps to losing weight after the failure

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The road to losing weight will be difficult physically and psychologically, but it will consist of simple steps. Program for weight loss consists of only ten steps.

Fighting obesity can be difficult not only physically, but also psychologically. After several unsuccessful attempts, the psychological factor becomes stronger, the failures lay an imprint on the mind and consciousness. Unsuccessful attempt of losing weight, is not a reason to accept that the motive for another attempt, this time properly. If you’ve tried to lose weight, but it does not work, follow these instructions.

Find what prevents

What kind of things will not allow you to lose weight? Perhaps this is a wrong program, the lack of consistency, a great number of excuses. Analyze all the actions that led you to failure in getting rid of excess weight, then make it so that this time you had fewer temptations.

Plan and act

Act according to the predetermined plan with no deviations and no excuses. The plan should consist of a chain of sequential actions, the goal must be real. Weight loss is not weight change, is the number of change in lifestyle. If you have a hard time with change, make them not dramatically, but steadily.

Enlist the support

To achieve success in any endeavor is easier with the support of loved ones. Tell your family, friends, colleagues and other individuals around you that you lose weight and this time I plan to succeed. The most valuable support will come from the professional trainer and nutritionist, they will support not only in word but in deed.

Put appropriate purpose

In order to lose weight, you should know your body and be honest with yourself. To know your body can only be in a medical facility. To sabotage weight loss many health factors, including such common problems like food allergies and thyroid dysfunction.

To set realistic goals only after medical examination.
Be consistent

Progress in weight loss is the development of correct habits, and to instill in them the only consistent action. This applies to food and workouts, and daily habits, be consistent, and you will come to the goal.

Control meals

All meals must be deliberate, in order not to score the hunger everything that comes to hand, you need to eat at least five times a day. Short breaks between meals, stabilize blood sugar, curb hunger and speed up metabolism.

Eat more fiber

All foods that are high in fiber offers a sense of fullness, they are perfectly satisfy hunger. Fiber will benefit for overall health – to reduce the risk of heart diseases and digestion, and diabetes insipidus.

Give up the fattening foods

All products from flour with lots of salt and sugar contain lots of calories. One croissant can contain up to 300 calories, serving of pasta with lots of sauce – 600 calories. Excessive calorie intake is inappropriate not only for weight loss but for health.

Be active

Activity is what you need to all people, especially if they want to lose weight. In the workout program and daily life need to choose the type of activity that is necessary for the soul and is done with pleasure.

You train hard

To lose any amount of weight is not easy, the more excess weight – the harder it is. In any case, you should be effective workouts, alternating load varying intensity and focus, not to miss a workout and not miss opportunities to challenge your body.

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