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10 reasons right now to do fitness

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10 reasons right now to do fitness

The contents

  • Fitness is one of the best “antidepressants”
  • Pleasant fatigue after exercise — sleep well and calm
  • Beautiful, young skin
  • Exercise help to develop creativity
  • A healthy body is a strong immune system
  • Less pain during menstruation
  • Self-esteem at the height of
  • Use for intimacy
  • The opportunity to learn time management
  • A healthy lifestyle is a positive example for others

What makes far from sports people to finally learn at least the simplest of physical exercises? As a rule, only the fight against obesity. But this is not all that is capable of regular fitness! If you understand that motivation to part with a few pounds — it’s definitely not yours, get inspired by other advantages that gives the sport. Who knows, maybe very soon, the gym will become your healthy habit. Here are 10 reasons why you just have to turn the sport to your playlist.

Fitness is one of the best “antidepressants”

When the pace of life is somewhat reminiscent of horse racing, needs an outlet. All on the run, the inability in the peace and quiet even to eat, work until late at night — that’s how busy people live. Not surprisingly, their constant companions be stress and lack of sleep.

And fitness one of the best assistants in the fight against stress. Even the simplest exercise will help splash in the blood of endorphins (hormones of happiness). The mood is improving, the problems fade into the background. You relieve tension not only in body but also in mind. The gym is often the place where it is possible to forget for a while about the home routine, challenging work stuff.

Before you sign up to a fashion therapist, make an appointment to start in the nearest gym. Maybe it is the sport that will be your personal therapist. If not satisfied with the “fast” sport type aerobics, prefer a more relaxed yoga. Now it many are passionate about, and believe me, the use of it for health and “calm the nerves” is not exaggerated!

Pleasant fatigue after exercise — sleep well and calm

If you suffer insomnia, it is necessary to abandon an additional afternoon coffee. And still does not hurt to take it a rule to devote at least 20 minutes of your time evening exercises (1-2 hours before intended bedtime). And don’t even have to sign up for fitness classes at the gym and come home after midnight, slightly moving his legs. Study at home!

After the exercise you will feel a pleasant fatigue, respectively, and to fall asleep faster, finally goodbye to insomnia.

Beautiful, young skin

The skin glowed from within, is useful not only expensive creams and serums, but another sport. Physical activity increase blood flow to the cover, stimulate production of collagen and elastin, help to establish the “work” of hormones. And the result is beautiful, youthful skin without a single trace of acne. And sweat (assuming of course that you comply with hygiene rules before and after school hours) contributes to the purification of “clogged” pores.

Exercise help to develop creativity

Exercise is beneficial for creative professionals. When you do, not only the body is actively working, but aktiviziruyutsya creativity.

Practice morning or evening jog in periods of creative crisis. You don’t even need to do much, interesting ideas for the current project and resolve any complex problems that bothered you for a few days, will come by themselves.

A healthy body is a strong immune system

When even the slightest draught in the office begin to overcome signs of cold, it is time to forget about pharmacy vitamins that do not help boost immunity, and exercise.

It is believed that even a leisurely 40-minute walk 4 times a week can reduce the risk of colds by 25-50%.

Less pain during menstruation

For many women exercise is the last thing I wanted to do during menstruation. Now would lie down on the couch under a blanket and do nothing.

And a very good reason. If there are no contraindications from your doctor, gentle exercise will only be useful if the period of menstruation there is a General weakness and mild pain. Don’t forget that endorphins, which are allocated during fitness activities, and even perform functions of painkiller. No, no need to actively run and jump around the room or lift “iron” in the gym to relieve pain in the abdomen. Take a walk in the fresh air, practice yoga.

Self-esteem at the height of

If you actively “work out” your body in the gym, the positive results can be seen very soon — the extra weight goes, muscles become more toned. Isn’t it a reason to be proud of themselves and raise their self-esteem?

Confidence, good or bad, is inextricably linked to how a person sees himself in the mirror. The more enticing it is for yourself, the more confident. With a beautiful body, you can forget about fears look silly in the open bikini, no complexes!

Use for intimacy

Regular exercise also will improve your sex life. Nice “bonus” to the rest of the benefits of exercise!

First, the sport gets rid of extra pounds, and this ensures the rigidity in the bed, because you do not have to be tormented by thoughts about the “ugly” body. Secondly, exercise helps normalize hormones and when the hormones are working “by the rules”, libido on top. Thirdly, the person becomes more energetic, the more energy, the richer sex life.

The opportunity to learn time management

Busy person it can be difficult to fit fitness into my schedule. And if you are determined to make sport part of their lives, will have to be trained in how to losslessly combine family, work and classes. It organizes, makes more responsible, structuralization. Those qualities will definitely not be superfluous to everyday life!

A healthy lifestyle is a positive example for others

Following a healthy lifestyle (including doing sports), you are a positive example to others. And even if you are not going to attach to the fitness of all your friends and work colleagues, think about the closest surroundings of my family! The child, seeing how you care about your health will surely start to engage.

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