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10 myths about the common cold: do not believe!

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1. The cold can go into the flu

This is not so. “Cold,” as we commonly referred to as Ari (acute respiratory viral infection) and influenza are caused by different viruses. So the infected and sick. To distinguish at the initial stage of their disease is quite difficult, so we often hear “colds became the flu.” This is actually from the beginning of the flu.

2. It is better to recover on his feet

Or, as we say, fight fire. The least popular version of what is to lay in bed, as the virus will run amok week or more, and if you do not give the body to relax, the discomfort will pass in a few days. This is a dangerous misconception. In fact, the best option is to sit at home for 1-2 days immediately, as felt unwell. If the virus is not serious, on the third day you can return to its usual rhythm of life. But if it’s still the flu, you will avoid complications on the heart and lungs.

3. There is a disease — “blew”

No power in the wind can cause illness. Neither hot or cold, no hurricane. If you feel unwell — then somewhere you got a virus, and now it intensified. The only external factor, which in this case fair is a long — lasting hypothermia, which can cause a failure in the immune system, weakening it and giving the virus an extra chance. But the draught is not dangerous.

4. If you go outside in winter with nedosushennye hair — sick

The whole Kingdom — a refutation of this myth. It is considered perfectly normal to leave the pool, throw on a jacket and go home. At -5, for example. The girls and all the icicles are the real. And nothing. If the head in hat, hanging outside the tail can freeze as much as you like are not harmful to health.

6. The flu shot can cause the flu

It is technically impossible. In the vaccine contains the flu virus. So the stories about how people were down with the flu after vaccination, may be called coincidences.

7. Sick — drink lots of milk

Lactose at the time of the disease evil. Well, actually it is not very useful, but in days of illness — particularly. Respiratory diseases milk can have even a negative effect: it thickens the mucus and makes it difficult expectoration.

8. From disease immunity stronger than vaccination

Yes, if we are talking about the same virus. But the probability of re-catching the same virus tends to zero. We are in daily contact with hundreds of viruses, and they acquired after the disease immunity does not apply.

9. Ill — lie

On the contrary. Once the acute phase passes, moderate activity is better than teleportee lying in bed. Walking, light fitness, home Affairs: the more you move, the more active metabolism, the faster displays remnants of the virus from the body.

10. Dolcis to the end

There is no sense to wait until the last disappear the signs of the disease. Doctors consider normal, if a residual cough and runny nose persist for 3-4 weeks after the expiration of the underlying disease. Better to focus on well-being and objective picture of how the body was recovered, and how a person generally feels.

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